Prasad cures liver disorder

Sagar, December 2014
I had been diagnosed with a fatty liver in year 2004 and had been on medication ever since, even undergoing two endoscopies. A healthy liver leads to enzyme levels of between one and forty units per liter (u/l), whereas mine had shot up to a high of 143 u/l by December 2010.

My doctor had, thus, strictly warned me against taking spicy, chilly and fried foods, sweets and alcohol. I do not drink, but had to stop having tea for the last eight years.

A concerned relative, an aunt of mine, had told me about Guruji's Bade Mandir and entreated me to go. On her insistence my family and I went to the Mandir on New Year's Eve of year 2010, but we had no belief. Aunt kept persuading us to repeat the visit. I remained stubborn in my argument that I was a fervent devotee of Lord Krishna and Shiva and a non-believer in all other types of godmen.

One evening a devotee of Shri Krishna who is in a religious organization began talking to me about Guruji's Mandir. I stated my belief: Sure, the Mandir was good, but my chosen deity was Lord Krishna.

The next day a sudden depression came over me.

Nearly a year had passed since our visit to Guruji's Mandir, when on 26th December 2011, Guruji's satsang was held at our neighbour's place. The entire family went; I was among the last to reach, just in time for the aarti. I bowed to Guruji's lotus feet-since I have never disrespected any religion. I prayed and found myself listening to a devotee's satsang about how Guruji had kept his liver healthy.

Soon after, I was fed chai prasad and langar. My body reacted with excessive gastric build-up and vomiting.

The next day I went to the hospital in Delhi for my regular check-up. The doctor wanted me to now go for a test for cirrhosis. I was scared numb even though the doctor said the condition could not be confirmed till the test report was out. But, by God's grace, the next day the report showed no sign of liver cirrhosis.

On January 26, 2012, I surrendered myself to Guruji. I went to the Bade Mandir with my family. We listened to Guruji's shabads and mantra jaap and had langar. Soon this became a weekly routine. I prayed to Guruji for better health and ate the langar - which can be very spicy and is usually finished with a dish of sweets - against doctor's advice.

In June of 2012, I went again to the doctor who got a liver function test done. When I read the report, tears came to my eyes: the liver enzyme level had come down to 26 in the six months since I had begun going to Guruji regularly. I thanked Guruji for His blessings. The doctor said his medicines had worked. I told him that was not the case; Guruji's chai and langar prasad had made the medicine effective and healed me.

I am much better now and only take antacids. Every year I have always had to go for quarterly liver tests, but after going to Guruji I have not required a test for the last one year. I know Guruji is with me and He will take care of my health. I have full faith and trust on Him.

I crave to have Guruji's chai and langar prasad langar at the Mandir. This prasad has divine blessings-trust me! Jai Guruji!

Sagar, a devotee

December 2014