Housed in belief

Sachin Pahwa, July 2007 हिंदी
First-timers are like novice swimmers. They want to see someone else cross the ocean, before they do it themselves. But even such people, with their stock of ifs and buts, are helped in developing understanding and faith.

Mr Sachin Pahwa, who had listened to a satsang was not willing to accept Guruji's grace. He devised his own litmus test for Guruji: he wished to get a bungalow built in Sainik Farms, where construction had been banned for years together and a police posse manned the access gates. And he wished to get it built in spite of the fact that he didn't have the required funds.

But against all odds, the bungalow got constructed. Debtors who were not willing to pay-back came to his doorstep to give him his due money. Within no time, Sachin was on his knees before Guruji.

Sachin had been engaged for two years. The marriage, which was desired to be typically Punjabi and lavish affair, was being delayed for a smattering of reasons: lack of funds and some family concerns.

He went to Guruji and prayed for the needful. Within two months, he got married in what was a grand affair. Sachin's wishes were granted without him ever uttering a word to Guruji. This is Guruji's mehar, this is His grace.

Sachin Pahwa, devotee

July 2007