He is the answer to my prayers

Sabina Kochhar, July 2007 हिंदी
The creator, the omnipresent, the invisible force is what I believed in. I felt He was watching over me and listening to me all the time. One day, I called out to Him and pleaded with Him to meet me in a human form and He did.

There came a time when I was having severe pain from the hip-downwards in my legs. I tried all forms of medicines, but to no avail. Then I came to know about Guruji, who cured people's ailments. I was skeptical at first but then the hope of getting relief from pain prompted me to go to Him.

My son, all of seven years old, had grooves of pus in his tonsils and would get fever every 15 days. It would rise to 103 degrees Fahrenheit at times, and no doctor would be available at night. The child was allergic to all antibiotics except one and he would get a reaction if administered the Erythromycin drug which, in most cases, is effective. The scenario was repeated every month and both my husband and I would give him cold compression at night in order to bring down the fever. It was a nightmare!

During those days, back in 1996, one had to voice a problem in front of Guruji, as was His command. I started to tell Him about my son's ailment. I had just about said, "My son..." when He interrupted me and said, "First, you tell me about your ailment, what is your problem?"

I mustered up the courage to say that my legs ached. And Guruji simply said, "From now on they never will." True to His words, my legs have never pained in that manner ever since. The excruciating pain went even as He spoke to me and has never once returned.

He then asked me about my son. I never gave any details but simply said that his throat was sore. He blessed the child and told me to make him wear the symbol of Om as a pedant and not to eat rice in the family. It flashed through my mind that a small boy of seven years would not be able to handle a gold chain around his neck. I need not have bothered. That very moment Guruji told me to make him wear the pendant on a yellow thread around his neck!

Guruji can see what lies in the future. At His will He can avert disasters coming your way. He blessed me with a school of my own, without my asking, at the first meeting. It was an unfulfilled ambition of my youth to be an IAS officer. Matrimony ended that. He asked me: "You wanted to become an IAS officer, why didn't you?" I told him that my marriage to my loved one became my priority at the time. I felt at that moment that He knew much more than He showed and that He was no ordinary man.

These incidents took place in Delhi. Guruji soon went back to Jalandhar, and my pain never returned. My son too became hale and hearty. It then struck me that He could be the human form of the creator that I was looking for.

I went to Jalandhar to thank Him for the miracle He had worked on my child and me. My daughter, aged four, had wheezed during the winter. I was concerned since I knew full well how agonizing bronchitis or asthma can be. I was sitting with Guruji in the verandah when the little one went off to sleep on the floor by His lotus feet. I could not muster up the courage to speak out aloud about her condition so I spoke to Him via telepathy. He stretched out one leg and put it on the child's back. I took that as an answer and felt I would never need to give her strong medicines ever again. My daughter has never wheezed since.

Prasad out of thin air

Guruji, I was told by old disciples, produced Sach Khand or divine prasad, which to the human eye came out of nowhere and smelled heavenly. Little did I know I would receive it one day. He summoned me to His seat, held out His palm and said: "Take." There lay a beautiful cup-shaped mishri prasad and its inside was filled with another sweet prasad.

My father was a heart patient, who had suffered two attacks before we met Guruji. I told Him about it, and the answer I got was a flippant, "Don't worry!" I was left wondering; little did I know that my father would collapse a third time. We rushed him to the nearest hospital and were told that his chances were slim. I asked my husband to go home and get Guruji's Sach Khand prasad. I went into the ICCU and saw my father lying unconscious on the bed with various tubes running around him. I silently put a little prasad under his tongue, hoping it would dissolve.

The ECG taken after half an hour of this incident by his doctor showed that he was just suffering from indigestion. It was not a 'serious case' as the previous ECG, taken on our arrival, showed.

We went to Jalandhar as soon as my father was discharged. I walked in and saw Guruji calling me to a group of people sitting with Him. He told me to narrate all that He had blessed me with, including my father's 'latest incident'.

I believe that when He asks you to narrate all the blessings that you have received; then you and the ones who hear it - and from now on anyone who reads about it - are blessed further.

In a single day, my mom joins the faithful

My mother was diabetic. She is an obese woman who had no diet plan and often did not take her medicines on time. Her blood pressure once rose to 200mmHg and she was bedridden. I told Guruji about her condition and He told me not to worry about her and said: "I will show your mother in one day what I am all about." Years passed and she remained hale and hearty though she was not taking the insulin shots prescribed for a high diabetic state.

Then one day Guruji told me that He had saved my mother. Soon after He had said so, my mother was holding a report stating 'suspected TB of the small intestine and colon/rectum cancer'. The very earth shook underneath her, and she came to seek Guruji's blessings. During these recent times, ailments or problems were not supposed to be told to Guruji as per His orders. So, she ate her langar and silently went away.

The next morning at the hospital, all her reports, which a week earlier were positive, now came negative. The doctor himself was puzzled, but happy that the patient was in the clear. He, however, put down her condition as diabetic-diarrhoea.

At the next meeting, Guruji told her to go and get her diabetes checked. He smilingly asked me: "How did this happen?" I simply could not understand the significance of His words then.

My mother rang me up after a few days and told me that after getting her diabetes checked, her report showed the blood sugar level at 160-130 (normal) against the 280-260, which was her usual diabetic count for many years. She went on to state the same words as Guruji had said to me, "How did this happen?" I understood immediately that by His choice of these words He had wanted me to know what my mother's reaction would be.

Not satisfied and thinking that her report might have been a fluke, my mom got her diabetes checked again. This time the sugar reading was even better at 113-99. Guruji, true to His words, made her understand who He was in 'one day' as He said a long time earlier.

My father had been declared as having lymphoma, cancer of the lymph or glands. The disease had occurred at a time when one was allowed to voice his/her ailment before Guruji. I went to do just that in His presence, but could not. I had heard that He took away the ailment but first bore the brunt of it on His own self, that is, He suffered as the patient would and that day I saw Him uncomfortable in front of my own eyes. I could not bring myself to say anything and silently went away.

A week later Guruji told me that He had cured father's cancer. I was shocked, even though I knew He could read minds. The reports that earlier diagnosed cancer soon came clear and confused the doctors in the hospital.

Missing Him for five years

Years ago, my haemoglobin count was falling. One day Guruji stated that if He told me what my ailment was the ground on which I stood would slip from underneath my feet. I didn't have the courage to ask Him about it. Since I knew He could cure ailments, I begged Him to cure me without even letting me find out. My husband and I were told not to meet Him or even look at His photograph for five years and also not to tell anyone of His command.

Five years passed, life took its course exactly the way the Guru had planned it. We climbed higher and higher in every sphere of life but secretly missed Him.

One day I prayed to Him and asked Him for a photograph, which would reach me of its own accord, since I did not want to ask anyone for it. The photo came soon enough in the only magazine my husband subscribed to! I was later told it was no coincidence.

A few days later, I felt asphyxiated as if every breath was an effort! I rang up my husband and parents, having just enough strength to say that I could not breathe.

My son ran to the hospital for an oxygen cylinder, my daughter ran to the neighbours for help. My relatives were concerned.

When alone in that state, I prayed before His photo and said I could not breathe. I suddenly felt a strange sensation at the back of my neck, head and spine and was breathing again but my legs felt like jelly.

Guruji had once told me that when you speak to His photograph, He listens. I was rushed to a hospital nearby. Alone in the ICU with an oxygen mask over my nose I thought that when my end was near - it was a near-death experience for me - no one but my Guru had come to my help.

Not my dearest one - my husband, my loving children, parents or relatives could give me life - He could and He did. He definitely is a messenger of God and to me an incarnation Himself - unbelievable but true when the impossible becomes possible in front of your eyes.

Even more amazing was the fact that when I was summoned and was standing in front of Him after years, He took one look and told me what I had been thinking, word to word, in the hospital. "Why then," He said, "husband, children, parents, relatives, did not come in handy, the Guru did! This is your second life - enjoy yourself!" Isn't it amazing that we had not met for five years and yet He knew what I was thinking, all alone on a hospital bed?

He once told me that doctors would continue to do their jobs. After my hysterectomy, I was in a state of osteopenia. My hip joint and femur bone at times would give me discomfort. I never told Guruji this. Meanwhile, my bone-density tests showed a decline in my calcium levels.

Out of the blue, my husband and I were told to go for a holiday to Singapore by Guruji, and we were to take our children along. He would keep asking me the time of my flight. I was told to meet a disciple of Guruji the moment I reached Singapore and narrate my blessings to her. The moment I narrated all that Guruji had done for us, my pain disappeared. On reaching Delhi, Guruji announced that my calcium level was all right as was my haemoglobin. Incidentally, my blood count was dipping when Guruji had revealed that to me years ago.

He then told me to shed weight otherwise I would get a heart condition. I reduced by His grace and I'm sure my heart is safe.

My daughter used to get severe cramps in her stomach and they were worsening in their nature. She prayed to Guruji. He changed her name, and today she has no stomach problem. I told another disciple that Guruji had changed my daughter's name. She in turn told me that hers too had been changed and that Guruji had told her that her stomach aches would never end if she continued with her previous name. That was no coincidence!

Never have we seen a Guru who gives unconditional love and does things practically for humanity without ever giving sermons.

Sabina Kochhar, Principal

July 2007