In Guruji, grieving daughter finds her holy father

Ruuchii Sharmaa, December 2013
Guruji called my father to meet Him in year 1998. We could not go for many days but finally had His darshan that year.

A few months later our family went through the worst possible period. My father fell ill and was hospitalised for over a year. In despair, with no help coming to us, we lost faith in everything. I was very young at the time and had no awareness of who Guruji was and if we were missing out on His grace. Sadly, I lost my father to the illness.

Thirteen years and more went by. I was hounded by memories of losing my father. I questioned why we had lost him; both reason and logic failed me. That made me angry. But I also felt guilt that I had not done enough to save my father.

Then, in July of 2013, one of my dear friends, who had become Guruji's devotee a year ago, re-issued Guruji's invitation to us. I was invited to a satsang on the auspicious day of Guruji's birthday.

I understood it to mean that Guruji had called me to Him and that I should surrender to His will. At the satsang, I saw how everybody celebrated Guruji's birthday, a blessed day indeed. Everyone was so positive. I got the chance to do sewa, serving langar prasad to the sangat-I am sure in accordance with Guruji's wishes.

That day steered my life in a positive direction. All negative thoughts related to my father's demise were put to rest. I no longer blame myself for not doing enough for him. I sleep better, and I believe Guruji is protecting my family and me.

I told mom about how I had gone for Guruji's satsang, and asked her if she wanted to go to Bade Mandir. She agreed immediately and, the following weekend, we both went to Bade Mandir to seek more of His blessings. My elder sister too has begun going to Guruji's with us.

Today, my entire family feels more positive. I feel Guruji has always been watching over us these thirteen years. But we never realized that He had called my dad in 1998 because He knew dad was going to face a bad time. But apparently my dad lost all faith and gave up. Yet I am sure Guruji took him in His shelter so that he did not suffer more and that he is now in a better place.

My faith and love for and gratitude to Guruji only increase everyday. I am blessed that Guruji has taken my family once again under His wings. Now He knows best and will do the best for my family.

I feel these are His Blessings Always to us. Dear Guruji, please keep your sacred hand over my family and on the entire sangat of your beloved devotees.

Jai Jai Guruji! Om Namah Shivay, Shivji Sada Sahay; Om Namah Shivay, Guruji Sada Sahay.

Ruuchii Sharmaa, a devotee

December 2013