My daughter, I find our seats of faith

Rupika Wadhawan, July 2011
I came to know about Guruji through common friends and family members. I never really pursued the opportunity to meet Him. I guess one gets to know Guruji only when He wishes it. Somehow, one of our family members sent us an email telling us that his satsang was posted on Guruji's website. I read his satsang, got intrigued and began reading up more. Faith in Guruji arose as I began recognizing that He had a divine power. But my true faith in Him developed a few months later.

I was travelling to India from the US with my 16-month-old daughter. It was her first trip, and I was nervous about how she would take to the 16-hour flight. I did not have a seat for her, which meant that she would travel on my lap during this journey. I was very nervous, wondering how I would go to the bathroom? What if she cried the whole time? How would I manage my luggage and this toddler?

Before I boarded the flight, I asked the ground staff if there were any vacant seats in the plane, so my daughter and I could have a seat each. They said the flight was full; there was no room. Not surprising, for when I had called up the airline earlier that day I had got the same response. I boarded the flight and was sitting in an aisle seat next to two ladies. I was on the phone with my husband, letting him know that we had boarded and that we were going to take off, when suddenly the girl next to me moved up a seat. My daughter could now have a seat. I don't know how this happened, so quickly and without me requesting the flight attendant. How did an extra seat come about when we had a full flight? It was Guruji's blessing. He was watching over us. Needless to say I had a vacant seat on my way back to the US as well. Guruji had blessed us and my daughter on her first trip to India.

His grace works on computers, too

Another incident happened when my company computer gave me an error message. I had been surfing news websites at work. Apparently, a virus had come on via the internet. My computer would not work, and I was very scared because the only option was to call the help desk. That implied the desk would find out that I was on the internet-which was against company policy. I could be termed. I shut down my computer and went home, thinking the virus would be gone the next day. When I came in the next day, the virus was still there. I was very very scared at that point. I turned off the computer one more time, but to no avail. I then prayed very hard to Guruji, opened my wallet and took out a bookmark with Guruji's lotus feet that I keep in it. I put that bookmark on my computer. I switched it off one last time, and when I turned it back on-like magic the computer was working just fine. Again, Guruji's grace and blessings.

I thank Guruji with all my heart for blessing me and being there for me whenever I need Him.

Rupika Wadhawan, a devotee

July 2011