Guruji saves us from car accident

Rohit Munjal, August 2013
On the 29th of November, 2012, my in-laws planned a trip to the Mata Vaishno Devi shrine. They planned to go by a Tempo Traveller but I suggested going by train. We ended up going by our own cars.

The pilgrimage is done on foot to the mountain shrine and the ascent is facilitated with stairs. We were returning and were about two kilometres away from Katra when my wife sprained her leg. She was in tears and unable to walk. I calmed her down and told her to remember Guruji. Everything would be fine with His grace, I assured her. She did so and tried to walk. We supported her and with Guruji's grace, she was able to walk, but in considerable pain. Somehow we reached Katra.

It seemed to me that Guruji had foreseen that my wife was going to have a leg injury and would have trouble travelling by train. She would also have been very uncomfortable in a Traveller on the way back to home. But because we shifted to a car we still managed the journey and reached home safely.

My wife was diagnosed as having torn her knee ligament and advised surgery. I was not in favour of an operation and was confident that Guruji would cure her. So, we went to another hospital for a second opinion. Doctors now advised her to wait for about three weeks. When we returned to them, the knee had improved a bit and they wanted us to wait for another three weeks. After five weeks, we went to Bade Mandir. She felt a pain in her knee while she was there. The next week and the week after she again felt pain at the Mandir. She would cry every time. However, the last time she felt the pain, she also felt as if something was being stitched in her knee. Evidently, Guruji had stitched together the ligaments in her knee, as she became perfectly all right and we never had to go back to a doctor again for this.

Shortly before the pilgrimage, I had booked a Santro car as a surprise marriage anniversary gift for my wife.We got delivery of the new car on December 7. My wife had got better and we all wanted to travel in the new car for a satsang to Chandigarh. I asked my son to come with us. He did not agree so my wife, daughter and I went.

Next, we planned a trip to the Bade Mandir in our new car, since Baisakhi was approaching. But Guruji came in my dream and said, "Tu phir aagaya hain; tainu manna kita si hun khlo ja." He frowned, pointed His index finger at me and said, "Hun aggae aya te teri khair nahin." (You have come again; I had asked you not to. If you return, there will be dire consequences.) I could not understand what Guruji's words meant, but got frightened and woke up.

On the very next Monday, I discussed my dream with devotees at the Bade Mandir. While there were different interpretations, a few said that Guruji had stopped me from coming to Bade Mandir and I did so accordingly.

On Baisakhi, a man came to service the air-conditioner at my house. The car had to be moved so that the AC could be taken out. My son offered to move the car. The car was in gear and when he started it, it hit the wall. The right door and fender were badly damaged. The repair cost around Rs. 15,000, but we paid only about Rs. 1,500, while the rest was paid by the insurance company.

Sometime after this incident, we went to a satsang and got this message: "Jo log mandir aa rahe hon, woh mandir ande raho" (Those who are going to the Mandir should keep going there.) We took it as Guruji's word and began going to the Mandir again.

Guruji has definitely saved us. I believe His getting us to spend a little money on car repairs was a means to get us out of the path of a catastrophe. It was my son who was in the car when the home mishap happened. That accident could have taken place while we were going for the Chandigarh satsang-where my son had refused to come. Had we gone to the Bade Mandir on Baisakhi, the same fate may have befallen us. But Guruji saved us.

Thank you, Guruji! Jai Guruji!

Rohit Munjal, a devotee

August 2013