Guruji saves my son

Rohit Munjal, May 2013
Seven years ago, we went through a crisis. It began innocuously enough in late April. My son, Mridul, had a mild fever, the temperature reading at 100 degree Celsius. Mridul recovered naturally, and was soon changing his clothes for the night and packing his school bag. He woke up the next day, stood up and fell down. I lifted him up, but he fell down again. He was unable to stand. We rushed to his physician Dr. P. S. Narang, who immediately admitted him and started him on a drip.

I went to my office, but as the day passed my son's health started deteriorating. He was put on oxygen and eventually shifted to Max Hospital at Pitampura. Doctors there immediately put him on ventilator, and told my family to relax. They assured them that my son would be fine. By that time, my father-in-law, uncle and my brother had talked with the doctors, but when I reached the hospital nobody would tell me what had happened to my son. I wondered if he had passed away. I then came to know that he was critical and had been inflicted with the Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a disorder in which the immune system attacks the body's nerves. Doctor told us to wait and watch. I was shattered and depressed.

We searched the internet, talking with other doctors, even those abroad, but there was no cure for this disease. The consensus was that we had to wait. Many days passed but my son showed no sign of improvement. The Syndrome had spread till his eyes. Only his mind was functional. In the meantime, we went to different pundits, prayed, we did everything to save him.

Mridul had been on the ventilator for 44 days when a Dr. Jigyasa talked to my wife. She asked if she could keep a picture of her Guruji under my son's pillow. My wife said she had no problem, but that I did not believe in any gurus. When the doctor asked me, I told her to do what she wanted, as there was no hope left. A day later, the ventilator was removed, as my son began breathing normally.

We didn't know that it was Guruji who did this. When Dr. Jigyasa came to know that my son was off the ventilator, she asked my wife to return Guruji's picture. But it was nowhere to be found. We found it later under another patient's pillow. He too was on a ventilator for a long time, but again came off it after Guruji's photo went under his pillow. We found that photo and it was mistakenly kept inside Mridul's file, which we took to our house.

Sixty days after his discharge, we were not aware that Guruji's blessings had saved our son. But as my son's legs were still not working properly he was undergoing physiotherapy under Dr. Jigyasa. She demanded Guruji's photo back; my wife told her that she would search for it and return it. The treatment went on and the doctor didn't ask for the photo again, and my wife thought that it was lost. But one day my bhabhi, Anu, came up to our house and told my wife that her guru had said that everything would be all right, that we should have have patience and then showed my wife a photo of her guru. My wife told her that she had a similar photograph. My bhabhi was disbelieving, pointing out that I did not believe in gurus. My wife searched for the photo given by the doctor again and, this time, within a minute or so she found it and showed it to her. My bhabhi was amazed that it was Guruji's. She then explained to us that it was Guruji who had given our son life. We thanked Guruji, and we all began believing in Him.

Today, my son is fully cured. He plays in the school basketball team and occasionally for its football team too. Guruji has given a new life to my son.

Jai Guruji!

Rohit Munjal, a devotee

May 2013