A bureaucrat gets justice

R L Sudhir, July 2007 हिंदी
When a man in distress begins to flounder like a boat without a rudder in the rough seas, Guruji's grace alone comes to his rescue. Nothing else. Though I have known Guruji for a longer time, I have been going regularly to Him since 2000. During this period I have come to know of myriads of miracles Guruji graced His devotees with and have also had the benefit of sharing the experiences of those who have benefited from Guruji's blessings. The rich and varied matrix of Guruji's miracles inevitably leads to the conclusion that Guruji is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.

Guruji is an ever-willing and unceasing source of divine patronage. He is an ever-flowing river of blessings, which comes to you unasked and unannounced.

I have seen people looking wide-eyed when Guruji calls them or their spouses by their names though nobody has informed Guruji about the same. This happened with me when my wife first met Guruji. Much to my surprise, Guruji said in Punjabi: "Come, Prema aunty come." When a senior colleague of mine came to have Guruji's darshan, Guruji called his wife by her first name - Sunanda - as well. He also told her of the ailment she was suffering from and she was surprised. She was also surprised to find that Guruji's profile matched that of a saint whom she had dreamt about last night. On another occasion, a cousin of mine and his spouse met Guruji for the first time. Guruji looked at them, gave a smile and said: "Love marriage?" The couple were a bit embarrassed but said yes. How does Guruji come to know of all this? By His power of omniscience.

Guruji's healing powers are also well known. He has cured a number of people of incurable diseases like cancer, psoriasis etc. To some, in fact, He has given a new lease of life. Women incapable of giving birth have been blessed with children. There are examples of young men and women who had lost all hope of passing an examination or getting a job being successful in achieving their aims.

One day a friend from New York happened to visit Guruji. My younger son Shashi was sitting close by when Guruji causally remarked that Shashi will also go to New York. Shashi had no clue because at that time he was associated with a Japanese bank in Delhi and had no plans to go abroad. But, later Shashi was inspired to do an MBA from the US after gaining some practical experience in the US. He took the required tests and prayed to Guruji for success. Guruji blessed him with success in all the tests. Results came one after the other, Shashi was successful in all of them. But the result from the New York school was still awaited. Finally, the result came and Shashi gained admission in the New York school. Guruji's blessings had come to fruition.

Shashi went to New York, completed his MBA with high marks and is now with the JP Morgan Chase Bank in NY.

As regards my own case, Guruji rewarded me by compensating me for the injustice meted out to me in the past. My date of birth had not been correctly written in the official record. Efforts to get the same corrected failed despite the authenticity of my claim. As a result, I was not only denied the rightful benefit of length of service, my chances of promotion were also affected.

With Guruji's blessings I was more than compensated for it. Well before my retirement, I was appointed member of a National Commission, where I got a five-year term later extended to allow me to continue till I completed 65 years of age. This enabled me to become Chairman of the Commission. As I had no other links within the government, all this was a result of Guruji's blessings.

Another one of Guruji's quality is His characteristic fragrance. The aroma, close to the smell of a rose, is typically Guruji's own. He is all fragrance from head to toe. Touch any part of His body for a few minutes and the fragrance transmits to your hands. Another surprising feature of this fragrance is that it can be felt at anytime and anywhere in the world. After I started coming to Guruji, I felt His fragrance once in the lawn at my residence. The fragrance also indicates Guruji's omnipresence.

Once a relative of mine felt Guruji's fragrance oozing out from one of the Satguru's photographs hung on the wall. Guruji was kind enough to give me a pair of His jootis (footwear). We kept them with respect in a small wooden temple. We take due care and pay obeisance to them daily. In fact, we treat them as Guruji Himself in His absence. It is amazing that though this token of blessings was given four years ago, it still retains Guruji's characteristic fragrance.

Indeed, if you have faith in Guruji, you will get His fragrance anywhere. Once my elder son, Sunjay, had gone to Oxford for doing a one-year course. He felt Guruji's fragrance at a particular point in the college campus. This phenomenon was revisited in New York, where my younger son Shashi felt His fragrance at a particular point near Manhattan. I have heard of similar experiences from many other friends in the sangat.

We, in our family, consider ourselves lucky to be under the umbrella of Guruji's blessings. As a result, with His grace, good things keep happening with the family, whether we ask for it or not. For this, we are eternally grateful to Guruji.

R L Sudhir, retired IAS officer

July 2007