He took command of our lives

Commander (retd) R K Sharma, July 2007 हिंदी
I live in Jal Vayu Towers, Sector 56, Gurgaon, and the following is a humble attempt on my part to share mine and my family's experiences ever since we had the good fortune of presenting ourselves in Guruji's sharan. During this period, we have watched our own lives transform for the better just through a simple nod from Guruji. We have now come to realize that our beloved Guruji is Lord Shiva Himself and there is nothing beyond Guruji's powers. He is full of kindness, love and ever willing to shower blessings upon all those who come in His sharan. We now exist and enjoy life within the security umbrella of Guruji, our Lord, and Master of the Universe.

How it all started for us

My daughter Shubha had been suffering from asthma and eczema since the age of two. She had been enduring the maladies for nearly 15 years, when one of my friends asked me to seek Guruji's blessings in early 2000. She, however, did not agree to take us to Guruji. At that time we were staying at Kalkaji. One day in the month of August 2000, while driving past Empire Estate, Sultanpur, I remembered the reference of my friend and told my wife about Guruji. At the same time I promised to visit Guruji once I managed to shift to Gurgaon.

At that time we were trying to dispose of our Gurgaon flat because of our inability to manage the funds to pay the installments. My father was staying at the only other residential property in Ghaziabad so he could not be expected to fund the Gurgaon flat's purchase. Unexpectedly, within about 15 days of my promise to visit Guruji, my father asked my elder brother to purchase the Ghaziabad house from me. This allowed father to stay on in that house and I got the requisite funds by September 2000 to settle outstanding dues against the Gurgaon flat. Our shifting to Gurgaon was now cleared of all obstacles.

On September 16, 2000, there was a sudden aggravation in the skin condition of my daughter. And it lasted for about four months. As a result, she missed her 11th half-yearly exams. Homoeopathic treatment continued as before. Her condition gradually improved and by January 2001, her skin was nearly clear except for some marks.

On January 26, 2001, we shifted to our Gurgaon flat. Somehow I was sure even at that time that Guruji had a role in my shift to Gurgaon and the remarkable improvement in Shubha's skin condition. So I promptly decided to seek Guruji's blessings at Empire Estate.

I randomly selected the date of February 17, 2001. It turned out to be Maha Shivratri and on advice from people at Empire Estate, I landed at the Bade Mandir at Bhati Mines. I had Guruji's darshan with a feeling of great satisfaction and fulfillment. I had the feeling that this was the Guru I had been searching for all my life.

Due to her sickness, Shubha had failed in her Class XI exams and was asked to repeat the year despite being a brilliant student. I decided to move her to another school to avoid embarrassment to her. At the same time I prayed to Guruji to help us. She was admitted to Class XI in Gurgaon with a switch from the science to the commerce stream. However, most unexpectedly, the principal agreed to re-examine her and promised to promote her to Class XII in case she scored above 80%. She was given two months (during the summer break) for preparing for the new subjects. We prayed to Guruji, and Shubha prepared for the tests. With Guruji's blessings, she managed to score the required marks and was promoted to Class XII. The principal was under no obligation to do this, we did not know her and she asked for no favours in return. This was Guruji's way of showing us that He is with us all the time and takes care of our problems even without our ever mentioning them to Him.

In November 2001, Guruji went to Punjab. I continued my weekly visits to Empire Estate regardless. Around March 2002, I saw Guruji in my dream telling me to come to Empire Estate only on April 14, 2002. Next day I shared this with my wife and did not visit Empire Estate in between. On 14 April, I went to Empire Estate and was pleasantly surprised to find Guruji there. I came to know that Guruji had returned from Punjab on 13 April evening and this was the first sangat being held at Empire Estate after His return. Other devotees from the sangat later told me that Guruji's dream is a real happening. My faith in Guruji strengthened even further, and we started looking forward to seeing Him in our dreams.

I had been trying to change my job since August 2003 without success. I was selected in the interview but for one or the other reason, the change in job never happened. Neither did my company settle for an alternative. Finally I mustered my courage and spoke to Guruji in September 2005 about this interview and sought His blessings. His first response was: "Tu paise da ki karega; tu mere kol aaja (What will you do with money? You come to me.)" A devotee, Singla-ji, told Him that I have two daughters to marry off, and He smiled and said: "Ja te fir paise kama le" (Go, then you can earn money.)

It did not take me more than one week thereafter to get a call from the MNC, which promptly offered me the new position. Without being told so, Guruji was aware of the new job and the salary that I was drawing.

Father cured from multiple health problems

My father is 79 years old. Towards July 2005, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He underwent surgery and started receiving medical treatment. While this was going on, he suffered a heart attack and underwent an angioplasty soon thereafter. These twin problems created an emergency situation which was getting out of control, as despite all medications, his prostate condition relapsed after three months. At this time, I requested him to seek Guruji's blessings. Till then, he did not believe in Guruji and never came for darshan. He agreed and came to Guruji at Empire Estate towards end-2005.

We never mentioned his problems to Guruji in person. Thereafter, he continued to recite Om Namah Shivay in front of Guruji's photograph at home. Slowly, all his medication was withdrawn and all his test results related to the prostate and the heart came normal. His health has improved beyond expectation. He even makes sure that he attends all major functions at Bade Mandir.

Commander (retd) R K Sharma, devotee

July 2007