If you look with faith at even His photograph

R. Krishnaswami, July 2007 हिंदी
It was 8 am on a Saturday in December 2005 and I was reading the newspaper at my home in Delhi when the phone rang. My co-brother P.N. Raju was on the line from Chennai. His brother P.N. Narasimhan and two of Narasimhan's colleagues had met with a severe accident while returning home from office at about 4 am in Pondicherry.

Raju broke down over the line. I immediately told Raju to proceed to Pondicherry with Guruji's photo and keep Guruji's photo on or beside the three injured. I had given Raju the photo some months earlier.

The Maruti car the three were travelling in had dashed against a stationary bullock cart. The car got smashed in the front. The two people in the front suffered severe head injuries and their arms were broken. But, it was the person on the rear, Mr. Arun, who was worst affected. Mr. Arun's head had hit the ceiling of the car and he had suffered a huge internal injury.

When Raju went to the hospital, doctors told him that the three were badly injured. They also did not hold out any hope for Arun, predicting that he would not survive for more than seven hours. Doctors said Arun's internal injury was too deep as seen in the X-ray. Inside the head, there was a 'total jam', said doctors, and declared that nothing could be done. Accordingly, they stopped giving Arun further treatment. His relatives were told to prepare themselves.

However, Raju did not give up faith. He took Guruji's photo and kept it on the head of the injured. But he did so without bringing the fact to the knowledge of relatives of the affected people, as none of them knew about Guruji.

I was in touch with Raju once almost every three hours. Whenever he got the opportunity to be near the patients, Raju would keep Guruji's photo on them and offer his prayers to Guruji.

The effects were immediate. When doctors examined the three injured, they ruled that two of them were not critical anymore, but needed to be kept in the ICU. They again examined Arun and were surprised to note that not only had he beaten the seven-hour limit set by the doctors, but was also showing signs of improvement. When doctor were asked, they could give no answer.

The second day the doctors were astonished. They examined Arun only to find considerable improvement. Doctors now said that contrary to their prognosis Arun had survived but added that he may not lead a normal life. Till two weeks after the accident, Raju kept Guruji's photo on the patients. And about a month later Arun began remembering the past and expressed his desire to get out of bed.

Blessed by Guruji, his condition improved significantly and three months later he joined office. All the doctors treating Arun could only be amazed. Unknown to them, Guruji had answered His devotee's prayers for those who had not even heard of Him and saved their life.

Satsang's healing effects

A similar matter of His grace had occurred nine months earlier as well, when I had not even had Guruji's darshan. One March evening I was chatting with three of my guests, 52-year-old Mrs. Vijaya, 50-year-old Mrs. Rajalakshmi, who is my uncle's spouse, and my sister-in-law.

Vijaya was troubled by spondylosis while Rajalakshmi had been enduring migraines since the last 15 years. During the course of the conversation, Vijaya said she could not sleep on a bed nor could she travel in a rickshaw, auto, car or bus. She had lost all peace of mind due to the disease. A leading spondylosis specialist in Tamil Nadu, Dr. Mayil Vahanan, had examined her and told her she would have to live with the disease.

Rajalakshmi's migraines were so bad she had been driven to try and commit suicide. She had consumed a handful of sleeping tablets on a few occasions, but each time had been unsuccessful.

I do not know what triggered my thoughts, but I simply told the ladies that their problems would be over if they placed them before Guruji and prayed to Him. At that time, I had only one photo of Guruji. But I continued to tell the gathering about Guruji. I told them of a few people blessed by Guruji in even more critical times in their lives. I narrated these stories of faith, with full fervour, for about 10 minutes.

Unbelievably, at the end of these 10 minutes, both Vijaya and Rajalakshmi reported changes. Vijaya said her spondylosis pain was decreasing very fast. Rajalakhsmi said her headache, which she had been suffering through the earlier part of the conversation, was also decreasing. She felt as if a huge weight was being taken off her head.

Their new-found sense of health continued. Vijaya on that night slept on a bed - for the first time in 10 years. And Rajalakhsmi did not take her medicinal tablets. After witnessing these miracles with my own eyes, I immediately called Lt Col Chatterjee and requested him to guide us to Guruji's place. A week later we went to Guruji's place and took His blessings.

Two years have now passed and the ladies, who are based in Chennai, offer daily prayers before Guruji's photograph. They do not have any trace of their problems.

If you look with faith at even His photograph...

(Updated on 6 November, 2008)

Recovery from paralysis

In year 2005, my wife's cousin brother Shri Pattabhiraman was working in a thermal power station, a Tamil Nadu State Government undertaking. He was in charge of the shift. One day he felt uneasy and took the day off. That did not help. A day later his condition had aggravated: the left part of his body was not responding. He was rushed to a specialist. Doctors said he was paralyzed and advised him to take a long leave.

Six months passed by without any signs of recovery. Doctors recommended that the 55-year-old Pattabhirman take premature retirement, as it was likely that he would never be fit enough to rejoin work. His son and daughter were still studying, and Pattabhiraman needed to work. Yet, he had no other option but to quit service.

His family members were quite worried. His wife asked me to get a photograph of Guruji for them. I sent one photo of Guruji to Pattabhiraman. Pattabhiraman and his wife started praying in front of Guruji's photo the day they received it.

Pattabhiraman sensed an improvement in his body that very day. He was able to move himself, very slowly, on the bed. Within a week, he could get up from the bed on his own. Two weeks later he felt confident to walk to the hospital for a check-up.

The doctors were amazed at the recovery. They enquired whether he had taken any medicine other than what they had prescribed. Pattabhiraman said that he was only taking medicines as per their advice.

Pattabhiraman is now healthy and has rejoined service. He has married off his daughter and his son too tied the knot in October 2006.

His case continues to confound doctors. Only Pattabhirman knows that God Himself in the form of Guruji cured him.

R. Krishnaswami, Senior Engineer, Siemens, Gurgaon

July 2007