Guruji saves me from financial ruin

Rakesh Gupta, March 2008
Jab koi Nahi aata, mere Guruji aate hain

I had often suffered huge losses in the stock market, but never realized that this business was not good for me. After coming to Guruji's sharan on January 28, 2006, I stopped dealing in shares and realized that I was more comfortable mentally and financially.

Unfortunately, I then decided to invest in the share market to compensate for my earlier losses. I made good profit for a few months. Bolstered with my gains, I decided to submit my resignation in October 2007 but Guruji forced me not to do so till March 2008. In January 2008, I got a message from Guruji, through a sangat member, to stop trading in shares. But I did not pay heed. Later in the month, I again got a message but I ignored it. The very next day, the stock market collapsed. In fact, when I calculated my loss on 21st January, it was beyond Rs. 1 crore.

I then realized why Guruji had stopped me from submitting my resignation. But I didn't know what to do now. I just thought of Guruji and said sorry to Him; I didn't have any other option.

As He is Bholenath, the most-innocent God, He listened to me. Within half an hour, two announcements were made. The US Federal Reserve slashed the interest rate by the largest amount in the last twenty years and the Indian government announced that squaring off (where traders buy/sell shares and later reverse their trade to complete a transaction) was not compulsory. The market shored up, rising to such an extent-the Nifty increased from 3800 points to 5200 points within two days-that my loss decreased to a tolerable level. I sent a prayer of thanks to Almighty Guruji. Guruji not only saved my job, but also saved me from an irredeemable loss, which I had brought upon myself by not obeying His orders. The lesson for all of us is that Guruji's order must be implemented immediately without any ifs and buts.

Scooter runs without petrol

In January 2008, at about 2.30 in the night I was coming home with my wife from IFFCO Chowk, Gurgaon, on our scooter. When I kick-started the scooter, it didn't start. I checked the petrol tank and found that it was empty. We reached one petrol pump at around 3 in the night and requested people there to give us some petrol in lieu of extra money. They refused and told us that the petrol pump would open at only around 6 in the morning. We were not in a position to come home by foot as winter was on its peak. Immediately, I remembered satsangs which related how devotees' vehicles had run without petrol. I took Guruji's name and tried kick-starting the scooter once more. It started this time around! When we reached home, we found that the fuel tank was full. Nothing is impossible for Guruji as He is Lord Shiva.

Guruji's fragrance at Saharanpur

My brother-in-law and his family from Saharanpur (U.P.) came to Bade Mandir on Guru Purnima day in 2006. All of us were happy to have Guruji's darshan. Three years later, my brother-in-law's family revisited Bade Mandir on the Guru Purnima day in 2009. During the function my brother-in-law's wife had Guruji's divine darshan on His Gaddi in the Mandir.

Later, we had a chance to go to Saharanpur in August. My brother-in-law's family was very keen to arrange Guruji's satsang at their home-just as it is held in devotees' homes in Gurgaon. Finally, thanks to Guruji's kirpa, a satsang was held at their home from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., followed by Guruji's langar. And of course Guruji was present with His blessings. We felt His fragrance in Saharanpur at 11 in the morning, before we had bought roses from the market for decoration. The sangat too felt His presence during the satsang. Another thing to note: Saharanpur has power cuts from 4 pm to 12 pm regularly, but on that day there was no power cut whatsoever in that area, not even for a minute. The next day Guruji gave darshan to my sister-in-law in a dream as well, blessing them all.

Guruji's chai and langar prasad are amrit

In Sep 2009, my daughter fell very ill due to food poisoning. She had fever, vomiting, and loose motions. Her condition was so bad that for two-three days she couldn't even digest water in spite of taking medicines. Then on Saturday, due to Guruji's kirpa, we went to Bade Mandir. We had told our daughter to take chai and langar prasad outside the main hall because of her condition, but as we entered the Mandir, her condition started improving. And she took chai prasad in the main hall and langar prasad in the Mandir's basement. With Guruji's blessings, she recovered immediately. What proven medicines couldn't do in two-three days, Guruji's blessings-filled prasad did in a second. Jai Guruji!

Rakesh Gupta, a devotee based in Gurgaon

March 2008