Guruji is Lord Shiva

R K Gupta, March 2008
Hitesh Jethra had been asking me to come to Guruji since 2004, but it took me two years to reach Him - at a time and place of His choosing, I am firmly convinced.

It was the morning of 28 January 2006 when Hitesh called me up to say that Guruji was coming to Gurgaon and that I should also come for his darshan. I talked to my wife and children about it, but they were not interested in going and refused to accompany me. Hitesh, meanwhile, rang me up again, urging me to come. My family refused, but I told Hitesh that we were going to come. When he called me up once more, I told him we were on the way.

Now I had been able to reach a compromise with my family: they would accompany if I was ready to leave the minute they said so. They had also not agreed to take langar.

But when we reached the place where the Gurgaon event was organized, my family's feeling changed. We felt that we were in heaven as we sat and listed to the Shabads, took Guruji's langar and returned.

After 20 days, we attended a monthly sangat being held in Gurgaon and went to Empire Estate in Feb 2006.

Making me a company secretary

On my very first visit to Empire Estate, as I was going to Guruji for taking permission to leave, He said "Aao (Come), Company secretary." But when I looked at Him, He ignored me. I thought that Guruji may have addressed a person, who could be a company secretary, next to Him.

I asked the devotees, and they said that I would understand in the near future what Guruji meant. As it is, I was at that point a chartered accountant-cum-company secretary but had never worked as a company secretary.

Three months after this visit, during the second week of May 2006, my wife wished that I leave my share-trading business. She must have made the comment at about 10 in the morning. A half an hour later, I had been called do a company's audit in Manesar.

It was a Thursday and the Managing Director of the company, who sits at Pune, had also come to Manesar. We discussed some issues related to accounting and taxation. He told me that his company was looking for a person who was a company secretary and a chartered accountant. He offered me the job of Financial Controller and Company Secretary without looking at my resume or initiating a formal interview.

We went to Empire Estate that evening, intending to ask Guruji whether I should join the job. I could not bring up my courage to talk to Guruji and entrusted my wife Soni with the task. She had hardly said, "Guruji aaj..." when Guruji replied "haan join karo". She again tried to complete her question, and Guruji again repeated the words. When Soni attempted to talk a third time, He simply said: "Chal bhag; join karo."

It was then that we understood why He had called me company secretary on our very fist visit.

Answering my prayer on the road

The Bada Mandir is about 32 km from the main road near our house. There is a shorter 15-km route through Dera village, and it has the unique characteristic of being free from traffic jams. We used to go to Bada Mandir by the main route only. One day we went via the short cut with some other devotees. Keeping in view the savings in terms of time and money, we decided to take the short route for all our future visits. However, this route has no petrol pump or vehicle mechanic along its entire stretch.

Once when we were returning from Bada Mandir, we took a wrong turn and then another on this short route. Soon, we were in the middle of nowhere, stranded in darkness. We could not either go ahead or return. I was driving and simply remembered Guruji. I said to him mentally that I had heard that those who go to Bada and Chota Mandir have no problems on the way. But we are in a fix. Please guide us; what should we do.

Immediately, two persons appeared on a bike. They wanted to know whether we had to go to Gurgaon and asked us to follow them when we said yes. These divine messengers took us to the main highway to Gurgaon. We tried to say thanks but both of them had disappeared. None of us could see them. Both of them had come to our aid due to the agency of our Guruji's grace. This experience was an important reminder to us that Guruji is always with us and can always hear us.

My daughter gets into Delhi's Maitreyi College

My daughter scored 86.25% in Class XII. While we were filling the admission form of Delhi University for a B.Com (Hons) course, we got a message from one of Guruji's devotees, that she will get admission in Maitreyi College. That is what happened when the first cut-off list came out. The very first day we went and took admission in Maitreyi College.

When classes started, the head of the Commerce Department came and told students that the actual cut off for (Hons) was 89%. Due to a mistake, it was wrongly published in the newspaper and on the DU website as 86%. Due to this divine foxing of the cut-off marks, the college took in 128 admissions instead of the just 40 seats it had. We again realized how much Guruji helps us. It is only because of Guruji that my daughter got admission in Delhi University and that too in (Hons), which she had always wanted to opt for.

Attending college in Delhi from Gurgaon was almost impossible for her. But due to Guruji's protection and care, she has been very conveniently attending college.

Guruji takes care of our foreseen and unforeseen problems. One day a huge and extremely heavy piece of granite from the bathroom fell on my wife's head. Yet, amazingly, because of Guruji's grace, the stone did not hurt her. Guruji has given her a new life; Guruji is God.

R K Gupta, a devotee

March 2008