Faith kindles at first satsang

Ritu Vaidya, August 2015
We had recently moved to a new house, when I was invited for a satsang. The invitation had come in person from a lady in the housing complex, whom I had met in the parking lot and exchanged phone numbers with.

On the day of the satsang, I found myself occupied with something or the other. I finally told my help to take care of matters and left for it. At the satsang, I was offered tea (prasad), but refused it wondering how I could have tea sitting in front of Guruji's photograph in a satsang. But my phone kept ringing; people were calling up regarding issues related to the new house. Finally, I bowed down at Guruji's lotus feet and asked for leave. My friend saw me and upon learning that I had not had tea, asked me to come back for the langar prasad. After explaining the situation to her, I went but returned in half an hour to have prasad-as promised.

My friend holds satsangs monthly, and I was invited to the next one. I made up my mind to attend and stay the duration, from the lighting of the lamp until the langar. On the appointed day and time though, I realized that I needed to hurry. So instead of waiting for the elevator, I ran up the staircase and made it for the lighting of the lamps. I stayed till the end of the satsang.

The next satsang was to be held on a day when my husband and I had planned an outing with a few friends. I could only pray and wish to attend the satsang. I was hesitant to ask my husband to change the program because our friends had made arrangements to go with us. But Guruji listened to my prayers. My husband came home with a request: He wanted to postpone the trip by two days and said he would take care of informing our friends. I jumped on the offer and also told him about my eagerness to go to the satsang. With Guru Kripa everything worked out well. Thank you, Guruji.

These are my initial, small experiences, but they have helped me connect with Guruji and the sangat more and more. Jai Guruji!

Ritu Vaidya, a devotee

August 2015