Guruji engineers my entry into first job

Rishi Kapoor, September 2012
I don't know how to introduce this amazing journey, but here is how it began. Around Diwali of 2009 my Dad's cousin and his wife came to our house to invite us to a function. They told us about Guruji, and talked to us about His beautiful Bade Mandir. You can call it our first satsang. After this casual conversation, the family decided, despite being busy due to the festive season, to visit the Mandir on October 10. I guess we were following His un-spoken instructions.

My Dad's cousin had given us a rough idea of how to reach the Mandir. We got to the Radha Swami ashram, after which we were lost. We were about to go back when an ashram guard guided us to Guruji's Mandir.

What a wonderful feast it was for the eyes! We were amazed that such a beautiful structure was present in Delhi, and that we had been unaware of it. Guruji welcomed us with open arms and heart to His beautiful Mandir.

We entered the Mandir and were standing, a bit undecided, outside the Samadhi. At that moment, a lady devotee from Gurgaon, Shrimati Sangeeta, emerged from the Samadhi. My dad asked about the mandir protocol, and she guided us for the next couple of hours.

The mandir overawed us. She informed us about Guruji, about the mandir, how everyone addresses each other as 'uncle' or 'aunty', how chai prasad is served and how langar is had. She also informed us that langar is served among four people. She narrated her amazing satsangs, telling us how she was suffering from nearly every medical problem in the book. Earlier, she used to require assistance to reach and move around the Mandir, she told us, but now was able to run around. She had little vision in both eyes, but can now see well.

Guruji's grace was the sole upholder of all devotees here, we realized, sans religious gimmick or medication. You just visit the Mandir, have the chai prasad and langar and remain connected with Guruji. It cannot get simpler than that. What impressed us most was the way this devotee urged us to believe in Guruji and how she shared her satsangs given that we were strangers.

We were apprehensive about sharing langar with three other people in the same plate. But, thanks to Guruji, we were seated together in the langar hall. In retrospect, we now understand that we are not just a bunch of related people coming to the Mandir, but part of one big family that is Guruji's sangat.

I get a great break

I was in the final year of my engineering course when Guruji took me under His care. Campus placements began in December. I was confused, since I was uncertain about the career I wanted. I did not know whether I should take up a job, pursue my masters or undertake something else. After consulting my parents, I decided to go for the placements and put in my best effort, leaving the decision on the next course of action to a later stage.

Campus placements are usually structured around three rounds--a written test, the technical round and a final meeting with HR.

The first company to come to our college was an IT major. I gave the written test and cleared it. I was short listed for the technical round, which tests engineering skills, and is conducted by a senior management member.

The interviews were being conducted in a row of small cabins. It was a long wait and returning interviewees generously shared opinions on the interviewers. I was called and sent to cabin four, which by all accounts had a difficult interviewer. Candidates were not lasting more than 10 minutes with him. I took Guruji's name and went into the cabin.

My interview started off well and went on for a good half an hour. I replied satisfactorily, but towards the end I faced topics beyond the scope of my study. I expressed my reservations, and the interviewer justified his approach: since I was an engineer, I was expected to possess knowledge of all related subjects and not just IT, which I specialized in.

I did not clear the round. I was dejected. I was not sure if I could go through the process again for another company. It was tedious and grueling and I had lost confidence.

Three days later, another consulting firm visited our college. The scrutiny began again; this time a group discussion round was added to the process. The company explained the kind of career they would be offering. I cleared the written test. The group discussion went smoothly and I got through it, too. Luckily, I took the option of having the HR round first. By Guruji's grace, my interviewer was impressed, but told me to avoid being overconfident.

The following day came the dreaded hurdle, the technical round. I was very nervous. Cabin four, students reported, had a pleasant interviewer. I tried to find someone who could schedule my interview in that cabin.

The consulting firm had hired another company to conduct the interviews and take care of its logistics. I struck up a conversation with one of its employees and he got friendly with me for no apparent reason. I requested him to slot cabin four for my interview, and he arranged it. The interview was short and simple, and I was asked the most basic questions. It was like asking an English Honours student to recite the alphabets from A to Z.

I landed the job.

Two years have passed since then and I am still with the same company. Guruji got me such a nice job with ease. He knows what is best for us. My friends who had joined the first company regret their joining it. Professionally, Guruji has given me such a wonderful start. People look up to me when I tell them that I work for the consulting firm. Not only did Guruji get me the job, but the two years that I have stayed away from home, have passed off smoothly. I am very happy both personally and professionally.

With Guruji's support, no problem bothers you overly. You know there is a mighty force that is taking care. I am not saying you won't face any problems because you believe in Guruji, but problems will come and go and you will always have a smile on your face. Guruji gives you the strength to face difficulties. He gives you peace of mind, which nobody else can ensure. He sees that you remain happy and peaceful from inside, despite daily nuisances.

The best part is you get all these blessings by just having faith in Him. Is that too much to give in return? As humans, we are lucky and should be grateful that despite our sins, Guruji has chosen us to be part of His beautiful sangat and brought us under His never-ending love and care.

I can go on and on about Guruji, but I am no great human being. I am not capable of preaching anything but this: Guruji is God. I have felt and seen His miracles around me. Just keep faith in Him and let Him take care of you.

Jai Guruji!

Rishi Kapoor, a devotee

September 2012