Guruji shows divine faces during home satsang

Reena Kohli, September 2013
It was a Thursday, and I was coming out of the langar hall of Bade Mandir when a devotee surprised me. She proclaimed that August 14 was the date for a satsang to be organized at our house. We had no such plans. However, after some time, my son who was with us told us he very much wanted a satsang at home. He suggested we organize it before August 18th, which was when he had to go abroad for his studies.

As it turned out, the satsang happened exactly as that devotee had proclaimed: on August 14th at 7pm. We started proceedings with Ek Onkar. I wanted to put on the shabad, 'Aj Sade Guru Aaona Ji', to welcome Guruji just after it. But I couldn't find the CD. I looked for it everywhere, but it just wasn't available. Soon, the shabads began. I felt very bad that I could not welcome Guruji with the hymn dedicated to Him. I mentally addressed myself to Guruji, telling Him that He had not come to our house since I had been unable to play the song of welcome. I urged Him to reveal His presence at my house.

My prayer was answered quickly. A lady devotee pointed to Shri Ganesha's impression on Guruji's lips. A second later, we could see Shri Shirdi Sai Baba on the right side of Guruji's forehead. Then Shri Guru Nanakji appeared on Guruji's forehead and later Lord Shiva. I was really happy. I felt Guruji was telling me that He had not come alone but with the saints whose darshan He had bestowed on me. In fact, Guruji's photo itself oozed amrit that day.

Dear Guruji, thank you very much for everything that you have given me. Please be with me always and bless me and all your devotees as well. Jai Guruji!

Reena Kohli, a devotee

September 2013