We get our money back

Rashmi Dubli, August 2017
We had shifted to Delhi from Pune in 2016, where we came to know about Guruji. My husband's business associate, Shri Mehrotra, was a devotee of Guruji. Quite by chance, my husband saw Guruji's photograph on Shri Mehrotra's mobile. Struck by its likeness to Shri Mehrotra, he asked his friend if it was his father's photo. That served for Shri Mehrotra to tell my husband everything about Guruji and His mahima and ask us to visit Bade Mandir.

My husband told me about Guruji and asked me to go to the Mandir. However, I wanted to know more about Guruji and looked at His website. I saw Guruji dressed in fancy clothes and made the quick judgment that He seemed to be the guru of the rich. With that prejudice in mind, I refused to go to Bade Mandir.

However, Guruji's thought persisted in my mind, and I read a few satsangs. Coincidentally, we began seeing Guruji's photograph whenever we were out shopping or eating. The repetitive darshans made me feel I had made a mistake. I made amends one day, when I was speaking to my husband who was in Mumbai: I told him that we would go to the Mandir when he returned to Delhi.

As my husband was leaving Mumbai, a person who owed us money for the last two years, came and gave him a cheque. The payment was not even in our mind. Guruji's blessings had started flowing in our life at the mere instance of our deciding to go to Him. Guruji is driving our life since then, and we feel quite safe about the journey ahead. Shukrana, Guruji!

Rashmi Dubli

August 2017