He is the God I waited for

Ramya Jayaraman, December 2013
My family was going through a very tough time in year 2013. In August of that year, I met a friend in the community park. I became very emotional and shared my problems with her-something I normally don't do with people I am not very familiar with. The next day I again met my friend, accompanied by her spouse, in the park. They talked to me about Guruji and urged me to go to His satsang being held in Fremont, California.

That same week I went to my first satsang in Fremont. It was the best day of my life. As I touched Guruji's feet, I felt a great vibration around me. I was emotional during the entirety of the satsang; I felt as if Guruji was listening to me and consoling me the whole time; I felt He was the God I had been waiting to meet for a long time. The satsang finished at 9 in the night and found me wishing for more.

My family had begun accompanying me to the satsangs. Yet it took some time for my husband to feel Guruji's presence.

In October of 2013, we attended a satsang in San Jose and came home at night. That night I had a bad dream and began screaming in my sleep. My husband too had a bad dream at the same time. He was very worried about what this nightmare portended. He kept thinking about it and changed his sleeping position. At that moment, he felt Guruji was standing right next to him, telling him not to worry and that He would take care of everything. He sensed Guruji, but was scared to turn and look at Him. All that he was able to say at that moment was "Jai Guruji" and go on to sleep peacefully. From that night on, he became a follower of Guruji, too.

Thank you so much, Guruji, for coming into our lives. Every breath I take is a satsang in itself. I love you so much. Please always keep us in your sharan.

Ramya Jayaraman, California

December 2013