25 years after first darshan, man's life is saved

Ram Mehra, June 2015
I came to know of Guruji as early as the 1980s and was lucky enough to be blessed with Guruji's darshan thrice. I clearly recall my first meeting. My sister's son-in-law had brought Guruji home. He was wearing a pista-coloured safari suit. He was unassuming and had no airs. I said to myself that it did not seem that he could garner a large number of followers. My relative introduced me to Guruji, who enquired, "Mamaji, ki karde ho?" (What do you do, Mamaji?) I, innocent then of the divine power behind Guruji's words, replied with a very casual: "Kuch nahin karta." (I do nothing.) Guruji simply said: "Theek hai."

Though I met him twice again, I was least interested. I was very dim-witted in harbouring that attitude. Guruji knew of course and let me be. But He had not forgotten about me. When I was introduced to Him for the third time, Guruji mentioned that He had met my wife and me earlier. He went so far as to say that she had been wearing a blue saree at the time. But I did not get the hint. It was not a matter of total recall, but a glimpse of His state of being: He is a mahapurush with divine sight, or divyadrishti. But Guruji did not pay any further attention to me. That was my bad luck.

Years passed, and I continued to deal with my family responsibilities. I also developed Parkinson's. Towards the end of year 2014, a well-meaning friend asked me to come along with him to an ashram near the Bhatti mines area off Chhattarpur (in Delhi). Since we were worshippers of Sai Baba, I paid him no heed. But my friend was persistent, and I avoided him. Then an acquaintance of my daughter asked her to go to this ashram. The acquaintance told us that his wife, who was suffering from cancer, had been to the ashram and had ever since improved in health. He insisted that my daughter should at least go once to the ashram of this guru. When my daughter told me about this, I visited the guru's website only to realize that He was the Guruji I had met in the 80s!

I also happened to meet a friend who had retired from the army. His family too turned out to be devotees of Guruji. Clearly, Guruji had not forgotten me even after such a long time and was calling us. In fact, I was soon to see how Guruji takes care of all His devotees.

I used to go to Dilshad Colony for treatment of Parkinson's. In May of 2015, I was on my scooter, going for a scheduled treatment, when I was hit by a shared auto. I fell from the two-wheeler only to have a Maruti Eeco run over me at good speed. I was aware of the auto hitting me, but my mind could not register the hit from the car.

I stood up immediately. I fussed over my scooter, from which petrol was dripping out. A two-wheeler rider stopped by me to help and I asked him to pick up my vehicle as it was losing fuel. He scolded me, telling me that I should worry about myself rather than the scooter. Yet I was only bruised in parts and had sustained no major injury.

Guruji had saved my life. I was wearing Guruji's locket and, thanks to His grace, had brushed past a life-threating accident with bruises alone. Surely, Guruji forgets no one. I thank Guruji from the bottom of my heart and pray to Him to always keep us under His benevolent grace. Jai Guruji!

Ram Mehra, a devotee

June 2015