With Guruji, you get good marks in the journey of life

Ramit Malhotra, September 2012
My family began going to Guruji's Mandir in 2003. However, my journey with Guruji commenced in October 2008, more than a year after Guruji had left His physical form. It was then that all my doubts and inhibitions about Guruji were removed and I had complete belief and faith in Him.

The incident that lay behind this change occurred in October 2008. I was in my third year of the B. Tech course, when I got into a fierce argument with one of my classmates. The classmate complained to the dean of the college and, as luck would have it, the classmate's father was the DIG of police and also a close friend of the dean. Unsurprisingly, I was served with the suspension letter that very day on the ground that I had physically attacked a classmate. The suspension was displayed on the college notice boards. The allegations were baseless and hardly investigated. Usually, the college would take two to three days to complete an investigation; however, in my case the suspension letter was served in an express 30 minutes. I was shattered. I had been punished in an unjustified manner for no fault of mine.

I lacked the faith to even pray to Guruji to save me from this situation. But He knew it all.

The next day was a Saturday, and like every other Saturday, we went to Bade Mandir. I went to the kutia and bowed down. As soon as I rose up, a devotee broke the queue and came forward to shake hands with me. To my utter surprise, he handed me Guruji's locket. Devotees pressed him to give them one too, but he had only one left. Guruji had indicated that He was with me! I had tears in my eyes and sensed that Guruji knew about my problem even though I had not reached out to Him for it. I have no words to explain this experience.

I came and sat in the hall and as soon as I had done that I received chai prasad. I was looking at Guruji's photo (next to His seat) and suddenly I started seeing OMs in Guruji's photo. I had seen that photo many times in the past, but had never seen any OM. (I don't see it on that photo even today.)That day the whole photograph was made up of OMs. Then I looked at Guruji's photo at my right, it too manifested the sacred symbol. It was the same with Guruji's photo to my left. I had been shown Guruji's true form and all my doubts about Him left me. It was a turning point; my association with Guruji went to an even higher level.

Within a few days of this wonderful experience, my suspension was withdrawn. The whole class stood by me.

Guruji helps me with a great placement

Two years after this key experience, I had reached the final year of the B. Tech course. Recession had hit the IT industry and we were not expecting many companies to come to our campus for recruitment. Only two Indian IT majors were expected and both companies were expected to recruit in large numbers from our college. The companies were to come within a week of each other.

The first company would hold a written exam followed by an interview. Its written examination was considered fairly easy. I sat in the examination hall with my friend in front. When time was over, I still had 10 questions to answer. While the invigilator was collecting the answer sheets, I quickly sought assistance on these from my friend. My friend started reading out the answers aloud instead of merely showing me the answer sheet. It alerted the invigilator and he cancelled our papers. We pleaded with him, but he did not budge and marked the papers with a 'C' (for cancellation). The result was to be announced within the next four to five hours. I began praying to Guruji to remove the 'C'. I was asking for a trifling thing, I felt, from the Almighty. But both of us were not shortlisted in the results. That day I came home and fought a lot with Guruji (and I apologize for that till date).

The next day was a Saturday and we came to Bade Mandir. We reached the Mandir around 8.15 pm and were expecting a crowd, as is usual for a Saturday. However, we were surprised to find no one at the gate. We were walking towards the shoe stand when I suddenly heard something fall from the tree next to the gate. My parents hadn't heard anything. I looked closely and found a pen with a photo of Guruji mounted on its pin. The photo was badly scratched and it was difficult to even view Guruji's image on it. Immediately, I felt that Guruji was indicating that He was with me. That week, I studied determinedly for the examination with the other company. As soon as I had completed the written exam, I went to a satsang. I was quite tense since this was my last opportunity for a campus placement.

I had asked my friend to call me as soon as the results were announced. He did and informed me that I had been selected. I took out the photo of Guruji which I had found next to the Mandir gate-it did not have a single scratch on it. Again Guruji showed how He really cares and loves all His sangat. Jai Guruji!

Everything is destined

Guruji had been holding my hand even before I recognized Him as my guru. I was in Class 12 and was to give my engineering entrance tests that year, which are usually held in April-May. My mother was worried that I would be unable to enter a good college, since I did not apply myself in my studies.

My brother often supported me, telling my mother that she should not worry since I would get admission in the Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology (MSIT). However, my mother would not take him seriously.

MSIT comes under the IP University in Delhi. The week before the entrance test we had the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE). AIEEE is important since many colleges consider its scores while granting admission. But my AIEEE test did not go well. The next week was IP University's entrance test and I studied hard for it.

On the day of the test, my father dropped me at the exam center. When the exam began, I don't know what overcame me: I began humming to myself while giving the test! The student in front of me kept turning around to give me a hard stare, but I continued. When I came out of the exam hall, my father asked me how the exam went and to my surprise I realized I couldn't recollect either the questions or the answers that I had written.

Results showed I had secured a good rank. I knew that with those marks I could get into colleges that were even better than MSIT, such as the Maharaja Agrasen Institute of technology (MAIT). I made up my mind to opt for MAIT. But just a day before formal counseling, a friend of mine (whom I do not meet often) convinced me to stay with MSIT, since in his view they were of equal worth. I finally took admission in MSIT, which was also closer to my house.

My brother's wishes had come true. It was then that he told my mother that Guruji had come in his dreams and told him, "Tu chinta na kar, main tere pra da admission Surajmal wich kara ditta hai." (You don't worry, I have got your brother admitted in Surajmal.)

Guruji had already mapped out my future, and it had to work out that way. I graduated from MSIT in 2010.

Guruji left His chola in 2007, but His divine intervention continued unchecked. I was studying when we came to know of it, since my semester exams were two days away. Immediately we went to Bade Mandir. Devotees were streaming in and we were praying that Guruji would return. That day and the following day I couldn't study anything. As it was, the subject of the next exam was a hard one for me. Without much preparation, I went to give the exam.

The paper turned out to be tough as well, and I didn't even attempt enough questions to get passing marks. I knew I would definitely fail. However, when the results came out, I had passed. And with good marks! A miracle had occurred. Guruji showed that He is always present for His sangat.

This was not possible without Guruji's meher. Jai Guruji!

Ramit Malhotra, a devotee

September 2012