Healing matters

Ramesh Sharda, September 2012
We got to attend our first satsang on November 13, 2011. In hindsight, it feels like it was destined to happen. That satsang blessed us with peace of mind. Indeed, ever since, all our troubles have been put to rest by our beloved Guruji.

A month after the satsang, my neck and right hand began to ache. I took pain killers but they were of no use. I could barely move my hand and it was very painful to move my neck. I went for an MRI, and the doctor put me on steroids. A neurosurgeon I consulted next, suggested an operation, pointing out that there was a 70 percent chance of recovery and that I would have to stop driving for a year after the surgery.

Meanwhile, I started using a collar to support my neck.

The family prayed to Guruji and took a second medical opinion. Even as we continued to attend Guruji's satsangs, I was referred to an acupressurist. My condition improved a lot in a few days and, later, my collar was removed. Guruji took care of my ailment and I believe Guruji resolved more intense suffering through this ailment. My children also go regularly to the satsangs, and they too feel at peace. Jai Guruji!

Ramesh Sharda, a devotee

September 2012