Bade Mandir is the door of moksha

Rakesh Tandon, May 2015
Jai Guruji: Om Namah Shivay Shivji Sada Sahay; Om Namah Shivay Guruji Sada Sahay

A friend of my mother had told her about Guruji a year ago. But we were able to go the Bade Mandir only when the Almighty desired. The prompt came on April 26, 2015-in an odd manner. My family and I were going to the Old Fort in Delhi for a boating trip. A car passed by us; it had a sticker with 'Guruji' written on it. Several other cars followed in succession with similar stickers. We decided to drop the trip and instead went to Guruji's Bade Mandir. We felt at peace in that very calming environment.

Upon reaching home, when we told my mother about the visit she also wanted to go. A week later, on the second of May, I took my mother to Bade Mandir. During the journey, she experienced Guruji's divine fragrance inside the car. We told her that she had been blessed by Guruji. That very month, with Guruji's grace, we took our neighbours, who suffer from bad health, to the Mandir as well.

We went regularly to the Mandir for a few more days. One day my wife went to her parents', and my mother, son and I went to the Bade Mandir. The next day, my wife told me that her mother and sister-in-law also wanted to visit Bade Mandir. I was delighted. With Guruji's grace, I am always full of enthusiasm for going to the Mandir. I went to my in-laws along with my son and then the families went to the Bade Mandir. We all had darshan and langar prasad. While returning from the Mandir, my wife reminded me of a significant dream I had at the beginning of year 2015. I could not recollect immediately, but at home we talked about the dream and the vision came back to me.

The dream had occurred in February of 2015. I had heard an akashvani, or prophesy, telling me that the world was going to end. A plane would come and I should get on it along with my family. It would take us to a place where people would love and help each other. A plane did come and we got on it and were taken to a place that was like heaven. There was greenery all around; its inhabitants had shining faces and did not suffer from diseases.

Then there was another akashvani: Another plane was on its way to take us to yet another loka, or cosmic ground. However, this time there was a condition. If only one of the life partners got on board the aircraft together, he or she could not deplane. Apparently, the life partner was caught up in the apparent appeal of the ethereal place and would stay behind. However, if the place was not enough of a lure, they could find moksha by coming near or entering through the shivalinga. The life-partners would then meet at the same loka, where the aircraft was carrying the souls. This was entirely due to the grace of Guruji, through whom the parameshwar was cleansing souls. Later, a new social order would be created that was filled with peace and happiness.

Following the akashvani-remember this is a dream-a plane came and many people were able to get on to it, including myself. But my wife could not make it. I had already told her about the akashvani, and through the shivalinga she crossed the moksha dwar (door) and reached me. The dream got over.

I had woken up immediately and narrated everything to my wife. It was four o' clock in the morning. When on May 25 I remembered my dream, it seemed to me as though Guruji's Mandir was like the garden in the dream and the Shivalinga exactly like the moksha dwar. The prasad that we have in the Mandir is divine. Our body is made up of five elements (air, water, fire, earth, and the ether) and the prasad nourishes our souls-which are but light-fragments of Lord Shiva encased inside our bodies.

Hence prasad is not only something that heals our physical bodies, but has the potency to grant moksha to a devotee. At times, we are separated from our families when we stand in queues inside the mandir. Yet the divine grace pulls us together and grants us liberation.

All hail, Guruji!

Rakesh Tandon, a devotee

May 2015