Sewa is supreme

Raj Singh, July 2011
Our troubles sometimes turn into blessings in disguise. In year 2009, my family was going through a turbulent period with no peace in sight. Burdened with one problem after another, we used to feel completely dejected and depressed.

In September 2009, we shifted to our residence in Jal Vayu Towers, Sector 56, Gurgaon. A family we were acquainted with were our neighbors and told my wife about Guruji and Bade Mandir. They persistently asked her to come to the Mandir, and during one of their weekly visits, my wife accompanied them to the satsang.

I was posted overseas, and she narrated her experience to me over the phone. The environment was full of bliss and peace, my wife said, and she had felt content in the Mandir.

When I returned home during my annual vacation, I got the opportunity to accompany our neighbours to Bade Mandir on a sangat day. I just followed instructions and did as I was told. I was full of anxieties relating to the family and to health-related issues, and I prayed to Guruji for protection from these never-ending problems. It made me emotional. Guruji cannot see any of His devotees in pain and agony. While bowing my head before Lord Shiva, I was blessed with Guruji's fragrance. Bliss and peace saturated the sangat hall. I enjoyed the chai prasad and langar with the sangat and began my journey to the kind sharan (refuge) of Guruji's lotus feet.

With the kind blessings of Shri Guruji Maharaj, I could buy a new car and thus journey regularly to the Bade Mandir in November of 2010, during my annual vacation. It had been (and still is) our cherished desire to do sewa (service) at the Mandir. Guruji took no time in granting us our wish, and we did sewa on every Sunday.

Soon, it was the last day of my vacation. It was a Sunday and while doing sewa I felt upset at the thought of leaving by the evening flight-that too for a year. How now would I get the chance to do sewa? I wished to do sewa even as I continued with my job. No such possibility was in sight. But Guruji's vision has no limitations.

I had been trying to find a job that would provide me with better career prospects-and still not prove an obstacle to my heartfelt wish. I went through the selection process for a Health and Safety Engineer in a UAE Government oil company. My employer gave me the green light to join them, but I learnt to my dismay that the oil company was considering a local candidate. I was feeling rather disheartened about missing a vacation every six months. But Guruji had something better in store for His devotee.

On 10th of March 2011, I received a call from a recruitment solutions company regarding my availability for a specialist post in another UAE oil and gas company . The best part of the job was that I could take up the job in rotation cycles of 35 to 28 days. That would allow me to do sewa in the Mandir in one-month intervals! It was impossible for me to even think about such an arrangement. But for Guruji there is no word like impossible. He rewrites our destiny to grant us happiness. Hamaree jholian chotian hain; Sri Guruji dee baksheesan bahut badee hain. (Our capacity to receive is less; His blessings are never-ending.)

May everyone, wherever they are, remain in His sharan forever. Jai Guruji!

Raj Singh, a devotee

July 2011