Keep walking with faith—Guruji takes you to Himself

Rajshree Agarwal, April 2016 हिंदी
I went to Guruji's ashram for the first time in May 2014.

I was suffering from chronic myelogenous leukaemia when a devotee told me about Guruji. I learnt that Guruji had healed many people with severe diseases, and l was keen to visit Him. The opportunity came when my husband had an official meeting in Mehrauli. I was happy because I was hoping my husband would drop me to Guruji's ashram. But, once in the car, he refused and instead asked me to join him for the meeting.

I was acutely disappointed and got out of the car with a mind to get to Guruji's. I began walking straight on, even though I didn't know the way. In fact, I did not even know Guruji. I asked for directions many times, but no one knew. Had I erred in my determination to pursue the journey to Guruji's ashram? I called my elder sister who had told me about Guruji. She exhorted me to go ahead and return from Guruji's mandir only after I had langar prasad. I kept on walking straight ahead.

Suddenly, a big car stopped in front of me. It had three occupants, who asked me if I was going to Guruji's ashram! They were, and I soon reached the Mandir. I thanked Guruji there and enjoyed the jal, chai and langar prasad. A worry nagged me though: How would I return home?

A devotee tried to contact my husband but could not. The people who had given me a lift again came to my rescue. I asked them to drop me to a hotel near Mehrauli, where I expected my husband to be. Even though I did not know that area, I was able to direct the car to the hotel. I got off and thanked the devotees. Yet I did not know for sure if I would meet my husband. I kept walking towards the meeting venue and found my husband coming towards me.

I was deeply thankful to Guruji. The journey to His Mandir and back to my husband was fully miraculous. A lot is still to be told, but it has been a great beginning. Jai Guruji!

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Jal prasad to the rescue

I went to Guruji's ashram with my brother and sister-in-law on a Thursday evening. We enjoyed jal, chai and langar prasad. l brought bottles filled with jal prasad home and drank some water daily. Three days later, on Sunday, my brother called in the morning. Mom, who was with him, had swallowed a medicine along with its aluminium foil wrapper. She had tried all home remedies to get the foil to move down the throat - such as drinking lots of water and swallowing a banana - but they were of no help. l went to my brother's house immediately with Guruji's jal prasad, though only a little was left. I gave it to my mom with a cry of "Jai Guruji" and she drank it with complete faith. But her agony continued as the wrapper pricked her throat from inside.

We got her throat and abdomen X-rayed on medical advice. Mom was in tears, and my brother quite tense while l chanted Guruji's mantra. When the X-ray reports were shown to the doctor, he said the obstruction couldn't come out without laser surgery and quickly referred us to an ENT doctor. As the crisis built up, l continued my prayers to Guruji.

Suddenly, my mom began vomiting. The jal prasad would be expelled from her body, I surmised, and she wouldn't be cured. But the medicine too came out with the water. The hospital staff were surprised if happy. The doctor who had moments ago advised surgery was experienced and reputed and yet the procedure wasn't required. I knew who had brought about this beneficial turn of events, of course. Guruji had kept our faith alive and prevented mom's operation. Please keep helping us like this always, Guruji. Thank you so much!

Rajshree Agarwal, a devotee

April 2016