Guruji bails out devotee from murder rap

Rajinder Pal S Randhawa, July 2007 हिंदी
Rajinder P S Randhawa was a promising young politician of Jalandhar when his life took a sudden turn. Randhawa, then president of the District Youth Congress, was going to a police station to thrash out a compromise with the ruling Akali Dal (Badal) group. A gunman had been granted to him by the State for his protection.

As the two groups were reaching the police station, Randhawa was suddenly attacked. His gunman came in between the Akali Dal politician and Randhawa. The politician tried to take out his weapon and in the ensuing melee, the gunman's carbine fired and the Akali Dal politician died.

Charges under Section 302 for murder - that carried an imprisonment of 10 years - were framed against Randhawa.

His distraught family sought help from saints and babas but to no avail. Then Randhawa's wife reached Guruji's door. Guruji told her that she had had a love marriage and love's power would bring back her husband. He predicted that a compromise would take place between the two parties.

Guruji then went to Delhi. Randhawa was meanwhile in jail, pending trial. He had Guruji's photograph with him in his cell and would clutch it as a lifesaver.

Soon, Randhawa was granted interim bail for a fortnight. He went to Guruji immediately and could not stop himself from crying. Guruji told him that he would become an MLA and a Minister. All that Randhawa could think of at that time was that he was sitting in jail. After asking Guruji, Randhawa applied for an extension of bail for six months which was granted to him.

During this period, as Guruji had predicted, a compromise was worked out with the family of the slain Akali leader. Randhawa clarified what had happened during the incident and explained how he was innocent of the charges framed against him.

As far as trial proceedings were concerned, the evidence was in favour of Randhawa. But, the trial was getting extended, with the judge giving date after date. But, a day before the final hearing, Guruji came to Jalandhar. Randhawa says that Guruji must have come to give His blessings. His wife went to the Satguru and He said that the judge would give a final decision that very day.

It went exactly as Guruji had foreseen. Randhawa was acquitted of all charges in the final order that was given out in its entirety the next day.

After the court had declared him innocent, Randhawa went straight to Guruji's lotus feet. The just-freed leader wanted to quit politics, but Guruji asked him to continue, for it was his duty.

Thanks to Guruji, Randhawa found himself a free man.

All creation is protected

Guruji's protection went so far as to even touch Randhawa's pets. Randhawa liked dogs and would keep them as pets, but the puppies would never survive.

It seemed his Rottweiller would go the same way. Randhawa took the sick dog to the vet and a drip was attached to the dog, but it began vomiting. Randhawa brought back the dog, which was clearly in its last stages. On a whim, he began taking it to towards Guruji's mandir. Just then, he spotted Guruji with a few devotees on the way. It was afternoon and Guruji asked him whether he expected Him to take care of dogs, too. Randhawa explained that he had happened to meet Him. However, Guruji still gave His blessings and the pet's condition improved. The Rottweiller lived for around six-seven years more.

Rajinder Pal S Randhawa, Jalandhar Market Committee Chairman

July 2007