Guruji saves my business

Rajesh Sati, September 2012
I went for my first satsang at Mrs. Khandelwal's house. I am a caterer by profession and run an in-house kitchen in the food court of a multinational company. The food court is audited with respect to Food Safety and Hygiene Management and under ISO certification.

In order to save on cost and streamline the processes, the facility team once called for a meeting of all vendors and suggested that everyone should buy stock only from a particular wholesale vendor. We were also given a fixed date to register with the vendor and were told that an audit would be done immediately after that to confirm compliance. Dealing with the vendor required registration with them along with proper documentation. Caterers had to have a license in their own name to register with the vendor.

I was using somebody else's license to run my food court as I did not have a VAT certificate of my own. I was required to show the license to the vendor but the person whose license I was using ditched me at the last moment and did not give me the license. A meeting was held two days before the audit and the facility team wanted to know if anyone had still not done their registration. Since no one raised their hand, I got nervous too and didn't own up.

After that I began praying to Guruji to give me one chance. On the day of the audit, I remembered Guruji with all my heart. Counters had been set up for the different caterers and mine was sixth in line. As the auditors started coming closer towards counter number 6, I got terribly nervous and scared. If they discovered I didn't have a license in my own name, it would not be embarrassing alone; my contract would be immediately terminated.

Time passed by and it was at around 5 in the evening when the auditors reached the previous counter. I was next. However, the auditors did not turn up at my counter. After a while, I went to check and got to know that they had left a long time ago. I went to the main gate to confirm that they had departed, and that was indeed the case.

One week later, we got the report: All the counters had cleared the audit and there was no mention anywhere that they missed auditing any counter. Guruji saved me and gave me another chance.

Guruji's grace was life-giving, like a sanjeevani, for my business. Jai Guruji!

Rajesh Sati, a devotee

September 2012