Finding peace

Rajesh Kaushik, July 2007 हिंदी
I came in contact with Guruji after my marriage to Jaya, and I got the opportunity to have His darshan on His birthday in 2003. My wife's family was devoted to Guruji. I went with them to seek His blessings on His birthday. After that we came home. But He held some attraction for me and I went to His sangat after some time.

I found the sangat to be a source of peace. Even before Guruji came and sat in front of us there was a feeling of peace in my heart. Everybody was sitting silently, mostly with folded hands, some with closed eyes and some even following the bhajans, which were going on in the background. In spite of about hundred people in that place, everything looked perfectly balanced.

When Guruji came we all stood in respect and then sat down in front of Him. Everything became the same as it was before. I was trying to look at Him but there was a certain energy coming out of Him such that I could not look continuously at Him. I gave up and went back to sitting with my eyes closed. It was very relaxing and peaceful. Sometimes He speaks to the sangat and even jokes with them. Since then I have become a follower of that source of peace.

Almost a year went by and I had two things in mind: to get a good and more paying job and to find a good match for my sister. During those days, once I had a dream in which I (along with my in-laws) was sitting in an ashram with Guruji and He gave me a shivalinga. I discussed this dream with Jaya and she said that Guruji has blessed us. With Guruji's kripa, after some time I got a wonderful job. I went to Him after getting the offer letter of my new job and also told Him about my concerns as regards finding a good match for my sister. After hearing me, He said, "Mauj Kar" (Be carefree.) These words were enough for me to understand that everything will fall in place and Guruji is taking care of everything. In the meantime, I also became the father of a son. After some time, we also found a nice match for my sister who is now happily married.

Now, with Guruji's blessing I am happy and enjoying my life with my family. I have got another job offer from Germany and I am planning to move there in September 2006. This again is Guruji's wish, which He made clear to my wife Jaya in her dream two years ago, when we had never thought of going out of the country.

Rajesh Kaushik

July 2007