A chilly type of healing

Late Rajender Singh Kainth, July 2007 हिंदी
We went to Guruji after we had heard about Him from one of our friends. Guruji blessed us and told us to come twice a week.

At this time, I was suffering greatly from piles and blood sugar. At the sangat, we were served langar which had a lot of chillies in it. I was afraid, because I knew the chillies could aggravate my piles problem. But since the langar was Guruji's blessed food I decided to have it anyway.

To my surprise as I continued to come and have langar, my condition began to improve and then one day the problem went away. And this was a condition that had proved stubborn to treatment for the past 10 years. Now I even take extra chillies with my meals at home.

As for my blood sugar levels, they were at a high of 124 mg/lt (after fasting) and at 175 mg/lt (post prandial). Ideally, the maximum level should not be beyond 100/140 mg/lt. On top of it I was eating at least half a kilo of sweets as prasad at Guruji's whenever I was there. Normally, my sugar level should have increased but, on the contrary, it came down to 91/141 mg/lt.

In fact, these days I have to occasionally eat sugar to ensure that my sugar levels does not drop! I have also stopped taking diabetes medicines at night and have reduced the morning dose. Such has been Guruji's grace!

I suffered from another problem, a blockage of the urinary passage. Before coming to Guruji, a minor operation had been performed on the advice of doctors in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. But two months after the operation, the urethra again became blocked. The same doctor again advised an operation; telling us that after healing the urinary passage narrows down. The second operation was done, too. But, I could not pass urine again after four-five months.

This time I reached out to one of Guruji's devotees and asked him to mention the problem to Guruji. Guruji advised a remedy and after it was taken, I was well. Now, occasionally the problem recurs, but it gets treated due to Guruji's grace.

We lived in a rented flat in Rajouri Gardens in the main market. In 1999, the landlord sold the flat to a builder who wanted to construct showrooms. The landlord put pressure on us to vacate the house. But it was not possible to shift to a new residence immediately.

One day while taking leave at night I told Guruji of the problem. Respected Guruji looked at me and listened but said nothing. I repeated my words; He did not reply. I decided that since Guruji was not responding, we should confine ourselves to prayer and the rest would happen by itself.

But, the reason behind Guruji's silence was revealed the next day. We were coming for the sangat when we got held up in a traffic jam at Dhaula Kuan. All of a sudden, the car's brakes failed. A mechanic came to help us, and the brake was repaired in a short time. Thankfully, the brake failure had taken place where it did and when it did otherwise there would have been a serious accident.

It was quite clear to me that the previous day while I was asking Guruji about my house, He was preventing an ugly mishap from taking place. I was requesting His intervention in a minor issue while He was intervening even then to save us from certain death.

Moreover, His blessings did not leave us stranded at our old house. Within a month, with Guruji's blessings I was able to purchase a new house!

Everyone is blessed

Every devotee of Guruji gets continually blessed. No one is left out from the Satguru's grace. Even those who have His photograph or those who pray to Him or hear about Him are recipients of His most munificent grace.

Such is the case of my brother-in-law Gurcharan Singh Mann and his family who lived in Nabha. We used to narrate our experiences with Guruji to them. One day he came to Delhi for darshan and Guruji blessed him, telling him to enjoy and be merry. Then his daughter-in-law asked for Guruji's photograph and it was given to her. A few days later she was lucky enough to have Guruji's darshan in a dream. At this time she was pregnant. And with Guruji's blessings she gave birth to a baby boy.

As with all children that Guruji blesses into existence, the boy is very active and intelligent and ahead of his years. When the lucky couple asked Guruji for a name for the child, He christened him Gurbhajneet Singh.

Once Guruji takes a family under His grace, they remain under His protection for all time. When Gurcharan had severe pain in his kidneys, he prayed to Guruji for His blessings. He was cured and relieved of his pain in no time. Then, after some time, my brother-in-law had agonizing pain in the urethra, due to a stone formation there, which was not getting relieved even with strong pain-killers. He asked me to put across his problem before Guruji. I prayed before Guruji and He just nodded. Soon, Gurcharan's stone and the associated pain vanished from the urethra.

Another problem cropped up before Gurcharan. He runs a private school and in 2005 the government issued orders banning unauthorized private schools. He rang me up and told me to pray before Guruji. We prayed at the Bade Mandir and told him to apply for recognition and pray in front of the photograph of respected Guruji. He did and applied for recognition for his school. Guruji was kind enough to bless him: his school was the first to be recognized. As a result, today the number of students in the school has increased.

Guruji keeps giving everybody His blessings. What is needed is devotion and faith; one does not even need to tell Guruji of one's problems and fears. Guruji gives us whatever we need, that is He generates whatever we need and gives it to us. Secondly, He rectifies whatever is not operating properly. Thirdly, He destroys whatever is inimical.

For these reasons, Guruji is GOD. GOD means:1) Generation; 2) Operation; and 3) Destruction. We are fortunate to have His darshan and the chance to speak to Him.

Late Rajender Singh Kainth, sound engineer

July 2007