Guruji grants health and faith

Rajeev Mallick, September 2013
Around nine years ago, I was going through the worst phase of my life. I went through hospitalisation, financial problems, and depression. I gained a lot of weight and was found to be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea- a sleep disorder during which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. I was forced to use a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, which supplies constant and steady air pressure. I could not sleep without it.

My family doctor had advised me a long time ago to go for bariatric surgery, a procedure that helps reduce weight. My wife and I were ready but my son, a devotee of Guruji, was not. He was concerned about the long-term side-effects of the surgery.

Finally, I took a chance and prayed to Guruji. I knew He could change my son's mind. In the meantime, my son got a job in Dubai and went for a medical check-up to our family doctor. The doctor convinced him to meet a bariatric specialist and get his doubts cleared.

Later, Guruji ensured that the surgery got done before my son moved to Dubai. It's been a year since the surgery and not only have I lost nearly 30 per cent of my excess weight (from 148 kg in June 2012 to 105 kg in August 2013), but the number of medicines I take has also come down by 80 per cent.

I have never been a firm believer in gurus; however, His grace helped me.

It so happened that my son asked me to attend a satsang being hosted at Ms. Shalini's place on 23 June 2013. I agreed. Two days before the satsang, something marvelous happened that rid of me of my reluctance: I could take a nap in the afternoon-that too without the CPAP machine. In fact, since the day I went to the satsang I have stopped using the machine. All of this has been possible because of our great Guruji. Jai Guruji! Jai Jai Guruji!

Rajeev Mallick, a devotee based in Mumbai

September 2013