Blessings in disguise help retain job

Raja Jaiswal, July 2011
In October 2001, while I was working with Siemens in Gurgaon, I had managed to get an excellent telecommunications mechanic, Raja Jaiswal, to attend to concerns related to many of the technical sides. Raja had come over from a different Siemens group.

His tenure was ending in May 2002, and he had urged me to plead his case before my boss. I requested my boss to extend his term, but was bluntly told that Mumbai headquarters had already denied Raja an extension. Raja, who was anxiously waiting word at my office, was already married and drawing a meager pay. This was bad news. I told him that I had failed and now the only way out was to go to Guruji.

It was a Friday and Raja's contract was to expire the next Tuesday. Raja went to Guruji on that very Saturday and told Guruji about his woes. Sometime later during langar, I found him seated across me and weeping silently. I asked him why, and he told me that Guruji had rebuked him loudly, saying "Pare Ja" (Go away.) Guruji bestowed immense blessings on everybody and His sentence was a blessing in disguise, I explained: Guruji had rebuked the malefic planet that was bent on dragging Raja on to the streets. I also advised Raja not to go out from the sangat hall after the langar, but to keep sitting in the hall. He did so.

After langar when the crowd had thinned, Guruji called Raja near and said, "Tera kam kar dia" (I have done your work.)

The next Monday, I went to my boss and told him that Raja had done a great job and deserved a farewell tea party. The boss told me to see an email he had forwarded me. I returned to my office to a pleasant surprise: none other than the managing director from Mumbai had asked the human resources head and my boss along with others why Raja could not be directly retained under me.

Today, thanks to Guruji's blessings, Raja is a permanent employee of Siemens, a linchpin of the hardware group, and draws thousands as salary.

Raja Jaiswal, a devotee
(Satsang narrated by Col. Chatterjee)

July 2011