Guruji watches over His sangat

Radhika Dutta, September 2018
We have an aquarium in our house and I am very fond of the fish we keep. In fact, I think of them as part of the family. I go by the aquarium as I get up in the early morning to do my pooja. One day in the month of December as I woke up at the amrit vela, I found that a black fish was lying still on the carpeted floor.

How had the fish jumped out of the aquarium? I didn't know what to do, but I thanked Guruji that I had not stepped on the fish, which happened to be one I particularly liked on account of its colour and liveliness. I used a tissue paper to pick up the fish and was about to cast it out but, on a passing whim, put the fish back in the aquarium.

I know Guruji watches over everything and everyone and was hoping He would revive the fish. The fish sank inside the water and stayed still for nearly 2 minutes, while I kept watching her and praying to Guruji. After that, the fish revived and began moving.

Twenty days later, the same fish was again lying on the floor. I again got the courage to put the black fish back in the aquarium. She revived—but one side of her body, on which she had landed on the floor, was damaged badly. In around 10 days, its skin gradually flaked off in the water and the fish healed. I recalled Guruji's words that He blessed each and every member of a devotee's family. I believe He had extended His merciful blessings to another sentient creature in our house.

Saved from fraud

We make some routine monthly payments, for which my brother gives cash to my mother and I then deposit it in a joint account held by my brother and me. This October the cash sat at home for two days. My mother was worried at the delay and told me to count the cash and deposit it. However, I noticed a mismatch in the amount and waited so that I could check with my brother.

A hectic day intervened and I could not do anything. The next day, at 8am, my brother noticed a number of transactions had occurred in our joint account the previous night and that it was overdrawn. My brother, who was at work, at first thought I had been carelessly spending online. I was shocked and went to the bank to check.

Alerted of the suspicious activity, my bank froze the account. The matter was investigated over 10 business days and—such was Guruji's grace—the fraudulently withdrawn money was credited back to my account.

It was Guruji's grace that stopped us from depositing money for two days. Had we done so, more money could have been siphoned off our account. Guruji is Mahashiva and He knows our past, present and future. He is watching over us every moment, and nothing is hidden from Him. We get busy but Guruji is always taking care of his sangat with love and showering immense blessings upon them. Guruji is my Father and He is everything to me and my family.

Guruji is my life and I cannot imagine walking without Him. Let's blissfully thank Guruji for gracing every breath we take. We are blessed by the Almighty to enjoy every second, every minute and each hour of our life with Guruji. I love Guruji.

Radhika Dutta, a devotee

September 2018