He protects us every step of the way

Puneet Singh, July 2007 हिंदी
'Tere Kavan Kavan Gun Kehe Kehe Gavaan Tu Sahib Guni Nidhana'

My parents started coming to Guruji in Empire Estate in June-July 2001, and we started experiencing subtle changes leading towards our betterment.

I was unhappy with my posting in Germany. But with Guruji's blessing I was posted to India for seven months and was able to settle down in the job. Around this time, my sister's marriage was going through a turbulent phase. We consulted astrologers, who ruled out a happy marriage for her. But with Guruji's blessings things on her domestic front became better.

I also faced a very bad phase from year 2000 and only through His blessings have I overcome difficult situations. Once while I was travelling in Europe, my bag - which included essentials like a passport, credit card and keys - got lost. I just remembered Guruji and suddenly I was informed by airline staff that they had found my bag and nothing had been stolen.

Then last year I wanted to travel to Pakistan and visit all the Gurudwaras there. After a delay of over three months when I had given up all hope, with His blessings I suddenly got the visa. He also made it possible for me to travel to Gurdwara Panja Sahib, which falls in Rawalpindi district, though my visa was limited to Lahore district only.

During the last two years, I was in Singapore and went through tremendous work-related issues. I had a difficult time with my colleagues at work. But Guruji helped me sail through it all smoothly. Guruji also helped me secure admission in one of the best universities in Asia for an MBA program, though I had no hope of getting in whatsoever.

Then one day I escaped a serious accident. My foot just missed coming under a fast-approaching bus. As I came home unhurt, I saw that the frame inside which Guruji's photo was kept had shattered into tiny bits, but the photo itself was intact. And I knew He had saved my life.

My father was diagnosed with a tumour which turned out to be malignant. Guruji blessed him with a new life. My father had to undergo chemotherapy and surgery, but he responded well to the treatment and is recovering fast. Once again we have only His infinite mercy and blessings to thank.

At every step of our lives, He has been our protector. If I go on narrating His innumerable miracles, I guess I will fall short of pages and word.

Not only has He blessed my parents and sister, we also sought His blessings for my cousin, who had met with an accident in Chandigarh two years ago.

Guruji knows everything we wish for and grants it at the correct time, which only He knows. He is constantly there with us and for us. I thank the Almighty for bringing us under Guruji's protection to receive His infinite mercy and grace.

Puneet Singh, management consultant with Siemens

July 2007