Dreams confer His blessings

Puneet Chawla, August 2013
I do arti for Shivji and mantra jaap before going to sleep every night. One night I saw Guruji in my dream. I was at the Bade Mandir where a big function was going on with a large gathering of devotees. The devotees were dancing and so was Guruji. Guruji would take the form of Lord Shiva as He danced and then return to His normal visage. I was exceedingly happy, as we had danced together and Guruji had blessed me.

I had another dream of Guruji. I had been reading Guruji's statements, or vachans, to His devotees. One struck my mind. It said that if a devotee touched Guruji he obtained the fruit of 2000 paaths, but if Guruji touched a devotee he obtained the blessings of 5000 paath. Shortly thereafter, I had a dream.

I saw that Guruji was in a building, the sangat gathered below beseeching Him to come down. I too yearn for Him to come down as I want His blessings. Guruji yields to the sangat's demands and I find myself the first to touch His lotus feet. At that moment, I recall His vachan; He reads that wisp of a thought and pats me on the back. I am ecstatic as if I had got all the joy of the world in one go.

Thank you, Guruji! Please keep these blessings flowing-as the shabad has it: "Prabh keeje kripa nidhan hum har gun gavenge." (O Lord! fulfil us with your abundant grace that we may keep singing your praise.)

Puneet Chawla, a devotee

August 2013