Faith keeps MS patient walking

Priyanka Punj, November 2018
I am a young woman who is suffering from multiple sclerosis. In May of 2018, my entire lower body went numb. I was unable to walk, sit on my own or turn my body while in bed. I was unable to sleep, because I would get cramps in my legs as soon as I lay down, since I could not straighten my legs. My mother and father would keep my legs over theirs so that I did not get cramps. My mom would tickle my feet and I would feel nothing at all.

However, I had faith that Guruji would protect me no matter what. He was just testing me, I thought. My faith paid off. By mid-July, I was back on my toes.

There were days when I was sinking. My only hope was Guruji. I surrendered everything to Him, and Guruji never let me fall.

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Priyanka Punj, a devotee

November 2018