Depression lifts with a single remark

Prithviraj Singh, July 2007 हिंदी
As may be the case with many of us in the sangat, I came to Guruji when I was in trouble and all other help had failed.

I was under acute depression, which was getting worse despite medication and every other form of help. Now when I look back, I truly believe I was called to Guruji. How else does one explain the miraculous overnight cure?

My depression was severe and I was at an all-time low. I would cry in desperation and get suicidal thoughts. All through this I braved going to work and tried to be as normal as I could on the exterior. I would wait to get back from work to get to a temple and sit there and pray for peace. This went on and my condition seemed to only get worse. Then one day I recollected a close family friend had mentioned Guruji to my mother many years ago. I immediately called my mother and asked her to give me directions to reach Guruji.

I came to Guruji in 2000. I remember my first day at the mandir: I was amongst the first to reach and sat in the front row. It was the first time in many weeks that I felt calm on entering a mandir. I remember sitting there and hearing of people's miraculous cures of serious illnesses and I said to myself, "I will believe only when I would be cured."

After the first day I became a regular and, thereafter, started coming every day. I would feel calm all through while I was at the mandir, but the heavy feeling would come right back as soon as I left. It was on my fourth or fifth day that Guruji spoke to me when I was at His lotus feet taking permission to leave. He said: "Teri gharwali Citibank me kaam karte hain" (Your wife works with Citibank.) At the time no one in the sangat knew me nor had I spoken with anyone, but at that instant I felt something lift. I returned rapidly to my normal state. I remember coming out and calling my wife and telling her what Guruji had said and I told her now I know I am all right. Since that day I have never ever had depression again!

Further, I remember talking to Guruji in my thoughts and praying to Him to bless my wife and me with a child. Exactly a month later my wife took a home test which came positive. That evening when I came to Guruji, He said: "Gharwali expect kar rahe hai - ja kalyan hooa; tujhe munda hoga" (Your wife is expecting; you are blessed with a son.) We were blessed with a healthy nine-pound boy. Guruji blessed us again with a second son in 2004.

Whatever we do today, we always know that Guruji is right with us, holding our hands in times of need and giving us direction.

Prithviraj Singh, Travel & Procurement Manager, Microsoft

July 2007