Langar heals me of TB

Prince Chandna, January 2013
I had been suffering from a cough for more than a month and medicines had not helped. I went to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi and other big hospitals but did not get any relief. Then I tried Ayurvedic medicines, but to no avail. Another door for healing opened in a very different manner however.

I was on Facebook when I got and accepted a friendship request. It turned out that this person was a devotee of Guruji. He sent me an invite for a satsang in Chandigarh, to which I went. I heard Guruji's satsang and had langar. After having langar, I met another devotee who had been coming to Guruji for a long time. I wanted Guruji's locket and asked him where I could get it from. He gave me the golden rule: there is no need to ask for anything, and whatever one requires, one gets it without asking from Guruji. He gave me his mobile number and told me to come to the Bade Mandir near Chhattarpur.

I was in New Delhi some days later and decided to go to the Bade Mandir. I reached Qutub Minar via the Metro and waited there for a bus to the Mandir. I had waited for long and decided to call up the old-timer who had given me his mobile. He asked me to wait for a while. Finally, I caught the bus and reached the Mandir. I met another devotee, Shri Dogra, who told me about Guruji. I listened to the satsangs, had tea prasad and went for langar. When I divulged that I had tuberculosis, I was asked to have langar along with everybody else.

After a few days I realised that my cough had stopped completely. My family was elated to know that my cough had healed after eating langar prasad. Since then I have been going to Bade Mandir every Sunday. When people in the sangat ask me how I manage to come from such a distance every week, I reply that it is Guruji who calls me to Him; it is not in our hands to come to Him. Since my healing, Guruji is everything to me. Jai Guruji!

Prince Chandna, a devotee

January 2013