We are under Guruji's protective divine umbrella

Praveen Saini, May 2011
Ever since we have come under the protective divine umbrella of Guruji, life has become easy and free of obstacles and tension. Whenever we wish for something it is fulfilled immediately-as if Guruji is listening to us every moment and distributing happiness all the time. I used to think that a Guru was required for each sphere of life, one each for Yoga, education, spirituality etc. Then I had the opportunity to have Guruji's darshan at Gurgaon. An amazing thing happened: As He glanced at me, I felt a powerful ray cross through me. At that very moment I also felt that my search for a Guru was over. Since then I have happened to have some miraculous experiences, and I wish to share some of them with you.

In fact, thanks to Guruji's grace, my health problem was resolved and I got a promotion after 15 years in government service. My mother's ERCP operation was done; my daughters got good marks in their class and obtained admissions in courses of their choice; and my wife's cervical problem was cured. Jai Guruji!

When Guruji Himself operated on my heart

On 15th May 2008 I went to Bade Mandir with my family to have His darshan. There I was blessed with chai prasad followed by langar prasad. When it was time to take permission to leave I was blessed once more with chai prasad. When I finished the prasad, I was filled with joy at seeing a beautiful Om my glass. We all had Guruji's darshan.

Sleeping at home that night I suddenly felt some thing flowing in my left hand. I observed that it was coming from the left side of the chest and going through my left hand up to my palm below the index finger. The 'thing' was continuously flowing for some time. It felt like somebody was sucking some thing from my palm. I tried to get up but was unable to. This process lasted for a long time but I do not know how much. When I was able to get up, I felt a pain in my palm. I drank water, moved a little and rubbed my hand. There was no sign of any thing on the palm. I remembered Guruji's mantra and fell asleep.

In the morning when I got up at 5 a.m. my palm was paining. The pain lasted till the evening, but has never been felt since. In fact, heaviness has lifted from my chest. I am certain that Guruji has operated on me for what must surely be a disease unknown to me. It is worth nothing that I had a bit of a heart problem and hyperacidity before this incident. Now my acidity has vanished. And, as I said, I think Guruji has operated on my heart also. I am hale and hearty with the grace of our beloved Guruji.

I am not able to say any words of thanks to Guruji for His kind grace. I will just say to Guruji: "Rakhna charno de kol, Mainu rakhna charna de kol"-always.

Praveen Saini, a devotee

May 2011