Guruji makes heart trouble go away

Pravakar Parida, August 2013
I live in Dubai and was at home for the Eid holidays on November 11, 2012. For a few days, my chest had been paining as if was being pricked with needles. I explained it away thinking it must have been due to excessive eating or sleeping, but was troubled enough to consider going to the hospital. However, I was undecided: I thought Guruji was my saviour-I could also go to the market for a walk.

I walked out of the house without informing anyone and prayed with folded hands to Guruji, telling Him that I did not know what to do. To the left was the hospital at a distance of half a kilometre; to the right was the bus stand for Kuwait city at an equivalent distance. With Guruji's name constantly on my lips, I started walking towards the bus stand. Suddenly, I changed direction and began walking to the hospital. I felt Guruji was walking with me. At the hospital, I did not have my ID with me, but was sent through to the lady doctor in charge quickly.

I did not have high hopes, but the doctor was responsive. When I apprised her of my symptoms, she gave me two tablets and asked for an urgent electrocardiogram (ECG). The nurse there, an Indian, was astounded. She said the doctor managed to sit put in her chair throughout the day and here she was charging to my rescue. It must be God's grace, I replied.

The ECG technician came and wanted some sort of documentation to begin the test. The nurse told him to get on with the test quickly on the doctor's authority. The technician took out a couple of readings while I kept repeating Guruji's name. The lady doctor then prescribed medicines and made out a document facilitating my check-up at another hospital. She wanted me to go there the minute I felt uneasy.

I went back home and told another devotee about what had happened. Doctors usually made people run to their door a couple of times, he pointed out, and Guruji's divine hand was evident in my case. He advised me to go to the other hospital the next morning.

The next day, both of us went to the emergency doctor at the second hospital. A nurse put a drip on me, then a doctor, a specialist, came and asked me many questions. He said a cardiologist would see me. The cardiologist, however, was involved in an operation.

It was nearly 4 in the evening, and I was thinking of no one else but Guruji, when all the doctors came together to check me up. They surrounded my bed and took out no less than six ECG reports. They all had questions for me, but I was not nervous when I answered them. I had great faith in Guruji. The doctors told me that nothing had happened to me and that if ever I experienced similar pain, it would get okay. A senior doctor advised me to take medicine for the pain and not otherwise. I was discharged without any medical intervention. Many thanks to Guruji. With His grace, everything becomes all right.

Pravakar Parida, a devotee

August 2013