Guruji, my spiritual guide

Prateek Kedia, September 2012
Jai Guruji! It has been more than a year since I have come to my senses and discovered internal love, bliss and the spiritual guide who we know as Guruji. Guruji has many forms and words fail to describe Him as only a devotee truly blessed can have the "divya drshti" (clairvoyant insight) to know what He is. The journey with Guruji has been a very strange one, in which I came to know of the real treasures of life apart from worldly pleasures, which bring about emptiness after fulfillment and pain and sorrow if they remain unfulfilled. Guruji has made me realize the futility of mantras and shlokas as none are even 0.001% close to describing Him. He says it is futile to worship if you are not connected to the Divine.

He blessed me with His divine darshan when I meditated for the first time. Through this He wanted to teach me that true devotion and surrender can only come after spiritual uplift. Thousands of yagnas and hundreds of hours of prayers are equivalent to just 30 minutes of samadhi, which connects one to the inner self where Guruji can be found smiling and giving invaluable insights like Krishna gave to Arjun during the Mahabharata.

Guruji has different ways of blessing us. Our intellect often fails to recognize His blessing since it is often in disguise. My life is not perfect, but a lot more peaceful and stable after meeting Him. Guruji once said imperfection is the beautiful essence of life that connects everyone, and the universe becomes one.

Guruji is the master of everyone and He has proved it to me in many ways. A devotee, Mrs. Babra, had envied her Muslim maid after she learned that Guruji had come with her to the station and even waved at her when the train departed. She was surrounded with troubles and after being at a satsang she wanted to take a rose home as a form of blessing. She could not ask for it though because she felt shy. Guruji commanded me to go out and give her the rose when she was about to leave. She was shocked as much as I was.

Guruji often surprises me when He tells me who would be present, for example, at a Saturday satsang or any of the devotees' problems. I think He wants to demonstrate the direct link between Him and I, as I often complain that He rarely visits me in my dreams. Guruji explains that He doesn't need to come in my dreams as He can directly communicate with me. My intellect has limitations so I understand these things after a long time.

Words fail me since the phenomena of Guruji can only be felt and not expressed easily.

Hope I can offer seva at Shri Guruji's lotus feet, which can give meaning to my existence.

Jai Guruji!

Prateek Kedia, a devotee

September 2012