Lifting a family out of grief

Pradeep Sood, July 2007 हिंदी
A cousin of my wife, from a remote village in Punjab, Sidhwan Dona (Dist. Kapurthala), became the father of twin sons, who were born to him after two daughters. But, both kids died within a span of four-five days.

The entire family was shocked. The mother went into depression, and no one was able to focus on the family business.

One day this man called me up and I advised him to visit Guruji. After listening to satsangs, he was motivated to seek Guruji's darshan.

The grief-stricken father must have had an overwhelming darshan, so filled was he with positive energy when he emerged out of Empire Estate in joyful tears and said that he had seen God. He then went back to his native town.

Today, without his ever having asked for it, he is the proud father of a healthy, handsome son. When the man came the next time, Guruji told him to leave, as he had been granted what he wished. And this was the first time Guruji had spoken to him.

Such is Guruji's grace. He has not only blessed a father with a son but has raised the whole family out of sorrow, grief and pain. For grace knows no bounds. The rain of mercy, says a shabad played at Guruji's satsang, falls on everyone yet only those who are humble are able to retain it, just like low valleys retain water while it slides down the face of towering peaks.

Pradeep Sood, devotee

July 2007