Just have faith in Guruji

Pradeep and Vandana Jain, November 2008
We had been married for six and a half years but did not have an issue. We left no stone unturned, went to all the famous doctors, but were disappointed. They only gave hope. We also went to babas and tantriks and spent a lot of money-in vain. After meeting Guruji, there was a drastic change. I had been undergoing ultrasounds for the last two months but my doctor was not happy with my follicle study, which is important for conception. The doctor told me on 26th June not to come as the cycle was not proper. I visited Guruji that evening and was with Him till 2 in the morning at the temple.

On 27th June, something forced me to go to the doctor. He was surprised to see my report. The follicle that was not growing had reached a good size and ruptured without any injection. The miracle happened. Since that day, Guruji means everything for us. I have not had my periods and hope not to have them when Guruji's ashirwad is with us.

My husband had been suffering from a slipped disc for five years. He was not able to sit on the floor. But on his first darshan of Guruji, he sat for four hours without any problem. And now he has been relieved of the problem. Guruji's ashirwad is enough to effect a cure.

My father too has been healed. He had been suffering from acute diabetes since the last 35 years; yet, today, he is happy even though he has a surfeit of sweet prasad from Guruji.

I can only say Guruji is God Himself, just have faith.

Pradeep and Vandana Jain, devotees

November 2008