A child has a holy vision

Prachi Gaba, April 2012
I had no darshan of Guruji for some time and I could feel the sadness in my soul. I asked my mother why Guruji was not giving me darshan. She told me that I should meditate. The next day we went to Bade Mandir. I sat in the hall, closed my eyes and told Guruji that I did not know how to meditate and He must help me to learn meditation.

I then had a vision.

I saw Guruji in a pose similar to His photo at the Mandir, in which He smiles while His hands are atop one another. He lifted His hand and from His palm came a green light that fell on all the sangat, blessing them. He came out of the photo frame and sat on His aasan. As the sangat was coming for His blessings, He would place His hand on all of them.

Suddenly, Shivji's statue which sits in the Mandir got up. Shivji lifted His trishul (trident) and pushed it into the ground. I got scared and nervously asked Guruji, "What's happening?" He answered, "It's an earthquake, everyone sitting outside is dying, but the sangat will be safe." I could actually see the entire sangat inside the Mandir hall, even those who visit on a day different than ours.

Guruji then got off His aasan and took a round around the hall. The chola that He was wearing kept changing. Guruji placed His hand on each devotee one by one, then His chola turned to the one He was originally wearing in the photo. He went back inside the photo frame and sat in the same position, giving His beautiful smile.

After this, my sadness went away completely. I felt positive. I still don't know meditation, but I know He will teach me some day at a time of His choosing. He knows more about me than I know about myself so I can only say Jai Guruji!

Prachi Gaba, a devotee

April 2012