The Divine Healer treats the doctors

Dr (Brig) P L Saini, July 2007 हिंदी
Even the best of human beings are capable of nothing more than great empathy when they see someone in distress. Mahapurushs like Guruji can, however, take on the sufferings of others upon themselves to lessen their pain and make their faith sturdy. Dr (Brig) Saini's experiences with Guruji bear this statement out. The doctor, a specialist in medicine, is not only a first-hand witness to the divine healing power but also its beneficiary.

Spooning out spondylosis

Dr Saini was in Jalandhar and his house was near Guruji's temple, but he could not have darshan of the mahapurush initially. When he did, it was as if blessings had started flowing into his life.

The doctor's wife, a devotee of Guruji, had cervical spondylosis, which led to severe neck pain. She was being treated with physiotherapy and analgesics. It was the fag end of 1996 and Guruji was in Panchkula (a township adjacent to Chandigarh). One day, the doctor was with Guruji and the sangat. It was his responsibility to take a round of the ICU in the evening and he asked Guruji whether he could go to the hospital. Guruji reassured him that all his patients were well, but allowed him to go.

When the doctor returned, Guruji said He had cured his wife. The doctor was told that Guruji had applied a spoon - the doctor calls it Guruji's 'all-in-one gadget', His X-ray machine, echocardiograph, ultrasound, and CT scanner - to the back of His devotee's neck. Relief was instantaneous and no other treatment was ever required.

Guruji plays Dr Goodheart

A year later, it was the doctor himself who was treated. By then, Guruji had moved to Chandigarh and the doctor had gone for darshan there. One day Guruji told him that His sole was paining. The doctor examined it and found that a particular point was tender and promised to bring an analgesic cream the day after. Guruji refused the offer. Doctor Saini, who was then a senior adviser in the medicine department, told Guruji that the Army hospital had recently acquired a new laser therapy machine, and requested that He undergo treatment through it.

After some time, Guruji came to the doctor and asked that the laser treatment be given to Him for three days. The doctor responded that 10 days would help more. At this assertion, Guruji let out what He was up to, telling the doctor that He was not coming for any laser treatment but for His welfare.

What Guruji meant was borne out two weeks later. The doctor had chest pain and an electrocardiograph showed heart changes. Doctor Saini summoned the hospital cardiologist, who advised him to spend time in the Intensive Care Unit as the heart changes foreshadowed a heart attack. The worried doctor phoned up Guruji from the hospital. Guruji talked to his wife, prescribing a remedy.

When Dr Saini came out of the ICU, he went to Guruji. Inside His room, the Master laid him down on the carpet and passed a clean, stainless spoon all over his body. Thereafter, the doctor's heart was investigated at the Army's Research and Referral Hospital at New Delhi. A battery of diagnostic tests - the treadmill, echocardiograph, the thallium scan - reported that his heart was normal. The yearly clinical investigations the Army compulsorily carries out showed he was symptom free and he never required more treatment.

The Divine Healer had thus treated the doctor by inversing the doctor-patient relationship. The Master had become his patient for three days to take laser treatment and had done away with whatever was afflicting His devotee, the doctor.

A blocked artery opens ...

The Satguru's grace extends to even those who are not His devotees. It is as if everyone's suffering is His own. Take the case of Col Madan, another specialist in medicine who worked with Dr Saini. Col Madan was a long-suffering heart patient. He had already had a bypass done after a coronary artery had been blocked. But Col Madan still had chest pain and breathlessness, which was threatening to incapacitate him from the performance of his medical duties. It was also found that the bypass channel, feeding his heart with blood, had got blocked too. This was grave news.

Brig Saini and General Ahuja, another of Guruji's devotees, advised Col Madan to seek Guruji's refuge. Good sense prevailed and Col Madan went to Guruji. Guruji gave him His blessings through a copper tumbler and also advised him to wear a necklace with a pendant, blessed by Guruji, in the shape of an Om.

Col Madan's health started improving immediately. After a few months, when an angiography was done, the results were astonishing: the original or native artery, which the doctors had bypassed, had got opened.

Dr Saini met Col Madan later in 2003, when he had come to visit Guruji in Empire Estate. In Guruji's spiritual court, the doctor related the story of his miraculous cure to everybody in sincere thanksgiving to the Divine Healer who saved him.

... and a leaking heart valve becomes normal

The doctor's wife suffered from rheumatic fever in childhood. And hidden from her and from everybody else, her left or mitral valve had borne its brunt and was leaking. It was her doctor-husband who first suspected she had a problem. Ever since, she had an echocardiography done once every two years.

In 2003, when Dr Saini was at the Army Research and Referral Hospital in New Delhi, as consultant of medicine, his wife complained of breathlessness while walking. The echocardiograph showed a severe degree of leakage or what is medically known as mitral regurgitation. She was advised to replace the heart valve.

In the intervening period, she was given medicines to control the symptoms and was told that the drug prescribed, Ramipril, could lead to coughing in certain cases.

One day the couple was with Guruji when the lady devotee mentioned that she would not take the medicine as it was making her cough. Guruji simply said okay. As they were leaving the Satguru's room, He said: "I bless your heart." He further advised Dr Saini to get his wife examined from AIIMS' Head of Cardiology, Dr Talwar, to remove any doubts.

After Dr Saini had explained his wife's condition to Dr Talwar, the doctor took her to the examining room and spent quite some time in the investigation. He came out of the room surprised. He said that since Dr Saini had told him of the condition his wife was suffering from, he had taken his time to check for a damaged left valve. But, said the famous doctor, he had found nothing wrong. The heart was normal.

Guruji's divine blessings on His lady devotee's heart had worked wonders. Dr Saini says medical science cannot even dream of doing what Guruji had accomplished with His sparse words.

Adamant cancer wilts

In May of 2002, Dr Saini was diagnosed with a severe type of cancer, known for its resistance to treatment - Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (NHL). This cancer attacks the endocrine system of the body. The doctor received treatment for nine months.

He did not feel the side-effects of chemotherapy and as a patient of NHL, his quick response to the treatment even surprised doctors. Evidently, Guruji's blessings were secretly at work. Within a year, the disease went into remission.

However, in 2004, three lymph nodes in his right groin swelled up again. A PET scan showed cancer cells still inside them. The glands were operated upon and taken out. The doctor was then advised to go for a bone marrow exam. He prayed to Guruji for His blessings, and the merciful Master gave him the date when he should go for the examination.

The doctor was apprehensive that if the examination results came positive, he would have to undergo chemotherapy again for five months. However, thanks to Guruji's blessings and the doctor's huge relief, the tests were negative.

Satguru extends life of doc's mom

Dr Saini's mother was suffering. She had a carcinoma in her breast, heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

By the end of 2000, she was in bad shape. She suddenly collapsed and had to be taken to a private hospital. She was in shock; her heart had stopped and her BP and pulse were hardly recordable.

While events were unfolding thus at home, Dr Saini's niece was at the Jalandhar temple. She was weeping silently, since she knew her grandmother's life was fading out. The omniscient Guru, however, forestalled the grandmother's demise and told the grieving niece that her grandmother's life had been extended by five years.

Even as Guruji spoke, in the hospital, Dr Saini's mother showed remarkable signs of recovery. And she lived for five more years.

The Guru's kripa or grace is extraordinary. It is like God in His Mother aspect. Her heart weeps for the misery her children go through. And though they may be good or be bad, they may be her devotees or they may be atheists neck-deep in materialism, her shakti, her divine power, rushes to their aid.

A medical technician and radiologist are blessed

One day in 1998, Guruji informed Dr Saini that He'd be coming in the evening for a blood check-up and ultrasonography to the Military Hospital at Chandimandir.

The blood test was done. The technician, an old hand, was surprised. He found that even on repeated examination of the blood sample for blood sugar, the reading was coming to 8mg-15mg! The technician knew this was way below the normal limits and at these levels a man could not survive. He told Dr Saini that this man could not be from Earth!

Guruji blessed the technician and told him that he'd be promoted - as he subsequently was.

A radiologist from Bathinda, Major Sinha, was a similar beneficiary of Guruji's grace. The radiologist happened to be on temporary duty at Chandimandir when Guruji came in for the ultrasound.

Major Sinha performed the ultrasound on the abdomen and concluded that it was normal.

After the test was done, Guruji blessed him saying that he would have two sons and would get promoted up to the rank of Major General. An uncomprehending Major told Guruji that he had one son and that was sufficient.

In 2004, Dr Saini met Major Sinha at the Research and Referral Hospital in New Delhi. Major Singh was now Lt Col Sinha and was taking training in nuclear medicine at the premier Army hospital.

Dr Saini asked him whether he remembered Guruji's blessings. His colleague did. In fact, he told Dr Saini that at the time Guruji had made His remark, his wife had been told by the gynaecologist that she could not have another child after their first one. But, she had - thanks to Guruji's blessings!

Saved - and saved again

The Sainis were returning to Chandigarh after visiting Guruji in New Delhi. The Delhi-Chandigarh highway was then a one-way road. They had left the sangat quite late at night, and the family was dozing off in the car. Dr Saini too suddenly fell asleep at the wheel. Their car veered off to the right, straight on to the path of an oncoming truck...

His wife's hand suddenly brushed his shoulder and the doctor woke with a jerk. He reflexively turned the car to the left and the truck passed by, missing them by inches.

When they were all sleep, who had been awake? Which unblinking eye had seen the truck and who had willed the sleeping wife's hand to move and alert the doctor?

The answer was very clear in 2004.

Guruji had told Sajal, Dr Saini's dentist son who was posted at Sohana, to take furlough from his medical duties. At that time, Sajal used to travel to the bus-stop on his scooter and then take the bus to Sohana.

It was the month of August and the road was wet. Sajal was coming on his scooter to home, when he swerved to avoid a reversing vehicle - only to collide with another. He fell off the scooter.

The Sainis, meanwhile, were with Guruji and He suddenly asked them where their son was. They told Him he must be coming home from office. Just then the Sainis phone rang and Sajal's wife told them of the accident. They immediately went home.

But, Sajal had been saved. He had been carried from the accident spot to home by helpful onlookers - in itself a rarity in Delhi. And he had nothing worse than a few stitches on his nose. From the hospital, he directly went to Guruji in thanksgiving for saving him.

Sajal now says that his birthday should henceforth be celebrated on the day Guruji saved him. For he had been granted a new life.

Dr (Brig) P L Saini, formerly consultant in medicine, Army Research & Referral Hospital, New Delhi

July 2007