Guruji makes marriage stars work

Parul Chopra, December 2014
My parents were very worried. I was turning 28, but they had been unable to find a match for me. I am manglik* and my horoscope was not matching anyone's. An astrologer even told Mom that an evil spirit's shadow of influence was over me. Understandably my mom was very tense. At that time, a relative told mom about Guruji's Mandir, urging us to go and pray to Him and have prasad. Guruji would take away all our worries, the relative assured us.

I went with my cousin to Guruji's Mandir. It was a divine experience. I felt so much at peace, as if I had entered another world. I prayed to Guruji and had langar. It was the day before Guru Poornima and, luckily, Guruji blessed me and I got an opportunity to do seva that very day, engaging along with the sangat that was cleaning and decorating the Mandir. I felt like the most privileged person on earth.

Within a month, a colleague had proposed to me. I was taken by surprise--we had been working together in the same firm for the past five years and I had no inkling of this. I spoke to my parents, who got the horoscopes checked, and ours' matched wonderfully. We got engaged and are due to get married with Guruji's blessings within a couple of months.

Jai Guruji! Blessings always!

Guruji cured my mother

My mother is a kidney patient and an acute anemic. Her body began retaining water, she was unable to walk a single step and she had to be hospitalized. Doctors informed us that they would have to dehydrate her body, which would cause the kidney's creatinine value to increase. They wanted to put her into dialysis, since they expected other complications, too.

We never wanted to put mom on dialysis, but her creatinine was increasing daily. It was an alarming situation. Relatives and my dad were for putting mom on dialysis but I prayed to Guruji and dismissed everyone's suggestions. I told my dad and family members that mom will be fine as I trusted my God--Guruji. It was a testament of my faith that she would not be put on dialysis under any circumstances.

I prayed to Guruji to help my mom and rescue us from this dilemma. While I was sleeping in the hospital that night, I saw Guruji in my dream. He came in and covered my mom with His black, golden-embroidered robe. I immediately woke up. I was delighted to have Guruji's darshan and I was sure that nothing bad could happen to mom.

From that day on, my mother's health started improving and her creatinine value came down. She was discharged from hospital in the next few days. She is under medication, and I am sure she will have a speedy recovery with Guruji's blessings. Jai Guruji!

* Astrologers give varying and inconclusive interpretations that have led to a superstitious awe regarding the placement of Mars in one's horoscope. Manglik denotes that Mars is either in a person's lagna (ascendant) or the fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house. This positioning is considered inimical to marriage. Note that Guruji always said that astrologers take people on the wrong path!

Parul Chopra, a devotee

December 2014