Whosoever comes to Guruji with faith will be blessed

Parminder Kaur, July 2007 हिंदी
In 1999, when my husband Col Davinder Singh was posted at Delhi, one of our friends based in Panchkula told us about Shri Guruji. We could not keep ourselves from meeting Him to seek His blessings and soon came to Guruji's durbar at Empire Estate.

At this point of time, we were facing a number of problems: a) My husband had undergone two kidney transplants and was fragile and ill. For him to even continue in service was a difficult proposition; b) All our savings had gone into the second renal transplant, which had taken place at a civilian hospital. Thus, we were facing considerable financial hardships; and c) To top it all, my husband's medical reimbursement claim worth Rs 2.5 lakh was returned by the authorities concerned.

On the very first day we met Him, Guruji gave us bundles of love. We felt that all our problems were over. We had found God and heaven in Guruji's person. Guruji told us to bring a copper tumbler and a silver bracelet the next time we came. He blessed these and His blessings started to flow into our lives.

For one, my husband's health started improving. His medical reports showed normalcy and he started attending office. Then, the Defence Accounts Department okayed our Rs 2.5-lakh claim without any further delay. I soon got a telegram from the Department informing us that the claim had been passed. The next day when we came to Guruji's durbar, He said: "You have got the money."

Since my husband had been on steroids, a side-effect was that a nerve at the hip-joint got clogged. Doctors advised immediate surgery. We went to Guruji for His blessings. Guruji told us not to get the operation done; the condition would become all right. True to his words, the condition improved gradually and till date no surgery has been required.

It is my experience that Guruji need not be told about any thing. He comes to know of whatever you wish for in his durbar and whatever happens to you, good or bad, is in his knowledge.

I am a mother of two, a son and a daughter, and I was keen on having one more son. I wished for the same while I was present at Guruji's durbar. Omniscient Guruji came to know of this. When I was going to Him to take his permission for going home, Guruji told me in Punjabi: "La jholi kar." He was telling me to unfold my dupatta and hold it before Him, so that He could shower His blessings upon me. I did so, scarcely realizing what was being given to me.

But, six months later I came to know I was pregnant. I was not able to detect the pregnancy for such a long period but Guruji had blessed me with a son that very day. Even the doctors were amazed.

Guruji came to our rescue once again when unscrupulous people in connivance with some politicians had forcibly taken over our partially constructed residential plot. We were harassed and felt depressed. We told Guruji about the situation and He said: "Don't worry; they will automatically run away." After He had given this blessing, things took a positive turn by themselves. Soon, the keys of our house were handed back to us.

Guruji is God. Our happiness and our well being are all due to Him. We want to express our heartfelt feelings of love and thankfulness to Him. Whosoever comes to Guruji with faith will be blessed.

Parminder Kaur, devotee

July 2007