Guruji's Grace is Infinite

Parag Bhatnagar, July 2018
I have been going to Guruji's ashram for only a couple of years. Guruji has always listened to my prayers and protected my family and me.

One evening I was in my office when I got a call from my mother. A car had run over my daughter's foot. Not only was my teenaged daughter in great pain, but she was finding it difficult to walk on the street. My mother wondered if my 16-year-old would need to be hospitalized. I drove out of office but Delhi's rush-hour traffic slowed me down. I did not know the extent of my daughter's injury and prayed as I drove to Guruji that my daughter not be seriously hurt.

But it was my mother, who got herself driven by my aunt, who reached her granddaughter. She took her to a doctor, who said the injury was minor and would require two to three days of rest. My daughter called to reassure me that I should not worry as she was fine. I was relieved. My daughter could have been severely hurt, but Guruji had dialled down the severity of the accident till it became minor.

Another incident of His grace occurred when I was travelling back to New Delhi from Bhubaneshwar. The airport was 30 kilometres away and we had one hour to make it, including boarding time. I was with a lawyer, who was my friend. We asked the taxi driver to go as fast as possible but the traffic didn't allow for that. When there were five minutes left for the flight to leave, the airport was still five kilometres away. It looked impossible. Our only other option-booking tickets online for the next flight—was quite expensive. In my distress, I remembered Guruji and prayed for His intervention.

Somehow, we were able to cover the remaining five km in the next five minutes. However, we despaired of getting to the flight since the security and baggage queues were very long. Just then, the airline made a last boarding announcement for my friend and me and we could request the airport staff to allow us to jump the queues. We caught the flight in the nick of time. It felt as if Guruji had stopped our flight from taking off.

My Guruji's grace is infinite.

Parag Bhatnagar

July 2018