Guruji drives away negativity from home, doubts from mind

Palak Taneja, August 2017
I got associated with Guruji three years ago, when I went to Bade Mandir. I liked the serene environment and felt blessed. While having langar prasad, there was a fragrance of chandan all around, and my aunt told me that it was a sign of Guruji's presence. Since then Guruji has blessed my family of five and me many times. Words are too limited to recount His blessings.

A few days ago, I dreamt of Guruji. It was night and all the doors of my house were closed. I saw that some evil forces were entering our house forcefully through the main gate. We were scared and moved to our parents' room. There, in the dream, I saw my father attending to some work; my mother sat in one corner of the room and my sister in another. The evil forces kept knocking at the back door to the room and I held them back by forcing back the door. My mother and I began crying and chanted Guruji's mantra. My sister, who till then did not believe in Guruji, also did the same. At the same time, I opened the door saying: "Guruji ab sab aapke haatho mein hai." (It's all in your hands, Guruji.) As soon as the door opened, the negativity from our house flew outside and "Jai Guruji" was emblazoned in writing on the air. The moment the negative forces went away, a rain of fruits (apples and oranges) began to fall. My brother and I collected those fruits. I told my mother that we didn't have Guruji's photograph in our house, and the next moment Guruji's face was clearly visible on every fruit.

Guruji is always with us and He bestows His blessings upon us every time. My sister suffers from migraines and one Sunday, it got really bad. She puked and even had a blackout. I applied balm and pressed her forehead while chanting Guruji's maha mantra. Soon she fell into a doze for some time.

That very night, Guruji came in my dream and I saw that the upper part of His head was red, as if blood was flowing out of it. I realized that Guruji had taken my sister's pain upon Himself and blessed her with a new life.

A vision of Guruji

I had an incredible experience while listening to the shabads, "Tere Bharose Pyare" and "Vin Boleya". Guruji took me to Bade Mandir in His car from Chattarpur Metro Station and remained with me all the time during my darshan. I could see Him in His white chola. At the site near the swing, He gave me a rose and said: "Tu te kadi menu flower ditta nahi, tu aidero flower laina chanhdi si na, le rakh le hun." ("You have never given me a flower, but you wanted this type–now keep it.") Then while sitting in the durbar, Guruji saw that I was tense and called me to sit near Him. Soon, I began pressing His feet and He started a conversation with me. All of this was real, but occurring via telepathy. I remember smiling broadly, even though initially I had tears in my eyes.

Guruji answered all my questions and cleared my doubts. Jai Guruji!

Palak Taneja

August 2017