Thy devotee whom Thou befriended cannot perish

Nutan and Anil Berry, July 2007 हिंदी
We, Nutan and Anil Berry, residents of Sushant Lok, Phase I, Gurgaon, count ourselves lucky to have come under Guruji's sharan.

We came in contact with Guruji via the marriage of one of our cousin brother's daughter, which was being celebrated at Meerut Cantonment in November 2005. We and our cousin sister Pinki had no plan to attend the marriage, but found ourselves somehow together at Meerut. There, Pinki expressed her desire that we should attend Guruji's satsang and related some of Guruji's miracles. One Friday, while returning, we happened to pass by Empire Estate, but thought of having Guruji's darshan some other day. We continued our journey and had barely crossed the Estate, when our car came to a sudden halt. We were taken aback and decided to have darshan and receive Guruji's blessings. The moment we made up our minds, the car started and we reached Guruji's place at about 7 pm. There we were told that Guruji's sthan would open at 8 in the evening.

Instead of waiting for an hour, we decided to return some other day. Just then Pinki, our cousin sister, arrived and pressed us to attend the satsang. We attended Guruji's satsang and right from that day we have been most regular in attending satsangs. Before coming to Guruji, we were astray. With the grace of Guruji, we have reached the right place.

Our daughter goes abroad for studies

Our daughter Rakshita had to join an MBS course in a US university by 15 January 2006. There was some problem about her documents, which required a court clearance. It so happened that the court was closed due to holidays. However, with Guruji's grace, a special court opened during the holidays and cleared her papers. She was able to fly to the US and report to the university on 18 January 2006. With Guruji's grace, the university staff accommodated her even though she was late by three days.

Guruji's grace was evident even as she was flying out. At Delhi airport, Rakshita's baggage was declared overweight and we were asked to remove some articles or pay $180 as charges. We were in a fix. We removed the luggage when suddenly Rakshita felt that Guruji wanted her to get the baggage weighed again. On the next weighing, the baggage was within the weight limit.

After three months of joining the US university, Rakshita called us to say that the university was not allowing her to join the second semester and she was worried that she might have to come back to India. We asked her to pray to Guruji, who would definitely help her. After a few days, Rakshita gave welcome news: the university had allowed her to join the second semester - all due to Guruji's blessings.

Our son turns into a believer

Sudhanshu our son was a non-believer and we took him to Guruji's forcibly thrice. Every time he came back without attending the satsang. Today, however, with Guruji's blessings he has had a change of heart. Whenever, he comes back from the hostel, he is keen on having Guruji's darshan.

The incident that brought about this change is worth mentioning. Sudhanshu and three of his friends had hired a taxi for going to a friend's house in Kalka. They had hardly gone a few kilometers when their taxi had a head-on collision with a truck loaded with wood. The taxi was badly damaged and the front wheels of the truck broke and it fell on the road upside down. But, miraculously all the five occupants of the taxi were safe. They received minor injuries. In order to save Sudhanshu's life, Guruji had saved the lives of four other boys!

Omnipresent Master

Guruji even takes care of minor troubles. To effect some treatment, Guruji had told us to go to the Yamuna Bridge early in the mornings during the last winter. Once our car, parked on a slope, stalled. We tried to give it a push and then prayed to Guruji for His help. Immediately, two Sardars appeared and offered to help us. They pushed the car and then disappeared out of sight.

Guruji has often blessed us in our dreams as well. One early morning my husband Anil dreamt that Guruji had given him prasad of sweets; these turned to money when Anil opened his palms!

The fact is that Guruji is omniscient and omnipotent. For instance, He has revealed to us about our families and our past lives. He told me about my husband's major operation at AIIMS, which was very successful and saved his life. Moreover, Guruji has many times saved the lives of those whom doctors could not cure. He has also cured cancer patients and others suffering from dreaded diseases. In fact, Guruji's treatment of patients begins when doctors fail to cure them.

Whosoever comes to receive Guruji's blessing should come without an ego, with patience, a clear heart and mind and with absolute faith in order to derive the most out of His darshan and satsang.

Guruji's primary mission is to alleviate mankind's suffering. And He renders good to all, without any distinction. He is omnipresent and knows the past, present and future. In Him who is possessed of all joy and is salvation itself, all the learned men find their ultimate resort. Through the blessings of the omnipresent lord, we obtain wealth, both material and spiritual. It is through His grace that His devoted sangat can attain abundance of all that is desired. We are fortunate enough to have the privilege of the presence of Guruji, who removes our sufferings and protects us from all inimical influences. 'Thy devotee whom Thou befriended cannot perish.'

Om Namah Shivay, Guruji Sada Sahay

Nutan and Anil Berry, residents of Gurgaon

July 2007