I found my Guru

N. R. Goyal, December 2009
I came to know of Guruji through Col (retd.) S.K. Joshi. He narrated his personal experiences with Guruji-related to his sickness as well as financial, property and family matters-which had been miraculously resolved. I accompanied him to Chhote Mandir (i.e., Empire Estate) to have Guruji's holy darshan.

I was astonished to see the tej (spiritual aura) on Guruji's face and felt contented. Sitting there in Guruji's sangat was an extraordinary experience. The peace and calm I felt there, was something I experienced for the first time in my life. And I felt that my search for a Guru had ended, as Guruji was exactly what I had always imagined my spiritual leader to be like.

I had a wonderful time listening to the shabads, having Guruji's darshan and enjoying all the blessed prasad that Guruji gave us. I instantly developed a liking for the place. It didn't take long for this liking to get converted to an addiction, an addiction to Guruji's darshan, prasad, shabad and His unconditional love. I started coming regularly once a week and, at any given opportunity, would not hesitate to come twice a week.

The result is that with Guruji's grace I am blessed with good health and well being. Surely, being in His Charan Sharan has rid me off my accumulated ill karmas as well.

With Guruji's will and permission, some of us get the opportunity to expand our Guru Parivar to friends. I had such an opportunity when one of my friends, Mahinder Kumar Mittal, heard about Guruji from me and wanted to come to the sangat. I offered to accompany Mahinder to Guruji.

For quite some time, Mahinder had been looking for a match for his daughter without any success. Within a week of joining me in Guruji's durbar, he got a suitable marriage proposal for his daughter. He came to Guruji to take His permission and blessings for the marriage. Guruji told him to go ahead and said, "Tera kalyan ho gaiya" (You have been blessed.) Later, when Mahinder presented the marriage invitation to Guruji, He blessed the couple with a wonderful future. Today, the blessed couple leads a happy married life and Mahinder is a regular at the sangat.

Rediscovering true values

The definition of life changed for me after I came to Guruji. Once you enter His durbar, worldly worries are forgotten and what remains is Guruji and you. This is not a feeling exceptional to me, but one that is shared by Mahinder and surely by many others in the sangat.

Guruji's mahasamadhi was a grave shock, unsettling me to the core. But the realization that Guruji is still very much there with us, showering His blessings and love, soon followed. Guruji's fragrance in the Mandir, and His blessings in every aspect of life are absolutely evident.

Guruji gave me His darshan in a dream about four months ago and in His signature style called me and said: "Oye, Goyal, aithe aa....sangat wich jaana na chaddien" (Goyal, come here... never stop going to the sangat.) Guruji's darshan always recharges me and is indelibly printed in my memory. Also, His command is something I will abide by.

Guruji lives amongst us and keeps loving and showering His blessings on everyone who connects with Him.

N. R. Goyal, devotee

December 2009