Bringing back a devotee from heaven

N L Sapra, July 2007 हिंदी
My wife had been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and joint pains for a number of years. She had undergone treatment at AIIMS for about six years and homeopathic treatment thereafter, but without any lasting relief. Due to joint pains, she found it difficult to walk. She also needed support while sitting down and getting up.

One day in May 1998, our daughter told us about Guruji and asked us to come over with a copper tumbler to seek His blessings. The next day we had Guruji's darshan for the first time and paid our respects. Guruji very kindly blessed the copper tumbler. My wife was instructed to fill the tumbler with water every night and to drink half the water in the morning and to use the other half for bathing. She did so regularly.

After some time, she could feel her condition improving. With the passage of time, her joint pains also began to subside. By Guruji's grace, the stiffness and pain in her joints have now decreased considerably and she is able to sit, stand and walk independently.

In April 2005, Guruji again came to my wife's rescue. During a routine fitness check-up at Sitaram Bharatiya Hospital, she was found to be having an abnormally high blood pressure (230/120 mmHg). She was kept under observation for a few hours and advised to take the prescribed medicines regularly. After two weeks, she had a severe attack of bronchitis. As she was having a breathing problem, she was also advised to use a nebulizer.

One afternoon, she suddenly began to feel uncomfortable and breathless. By the time, the nebulizer could be fixed, she lost consciousness. She regained consciousness after a few minutes, but was feeling restless and said: "Some thing is wrong with me today." Soon she calmed down and fell asleep.

Late at night our daughter called up to say that Guruji had told her that her mother was very sick and should be admitted to the Ashlok Hospital the next morning. Accordingly, she was admitted in that hospital. With Guruji's blessings everything went off well and there were no complications. She made a speedy recovery and was discharged from the hospital after a fortnight.

After she had recovered fully, she went for Guruji's darshan and blessings. A devotee named Mrs Mehta enquired about her health. We were near Guruji and He said to Mrs Mehta, saying: "I have brought her back from heaven." Immediately, we knew that Guruji was an incarnation of God.

Guruji has showered His blessings on our entire family. Our son and daughter are also His staunch devotees and with Guruji's blessings they are doing well in life. The entire family is grateful to Guruji for His kindness and blessings.

N L Sapra, devotee

July 2007