Guruji cures me

Nitin Kher, November 2015
I had constant pain in my right leg and in my back this year, since I was suffering from sciatica. The pain would increase when I did routine daily work, and driving to office or otherwise was agonizing. On top of this, I had a serious allergic reaction that landed me in hospital for a week. I had tried every famous doctor and hospital without result. None of the medicines was working. I went into depression and was put on total rest. I was only 25.

At that time, a relative told me to go to the Bade Mandir for five consecutive days and have langar prasad. Guruji's ashram was not unknown to me; I had been there a couple of times. But this time I followed my aunt's advice in all seriousness and went for all the five days. To my surprise, I could drive myself without much pain. Within a week my pain decreased substantially. My faith in Guruji became firm. And then Guruji gave me darshan in my dreams and said: "Ja tera kalyaan kitta" (You have been blessed!) I had always read this instance of Guruji's darshan in satsangs, but when I really heard Him, I had goosebumps.

There's surely a supreme power in Bade Mandir which took away all my troubles and hauled me out of depression as well. Thank you, Guruji!

Nitin Kher, a devotee

November 2015